Watch riders jump off Six Flags raft ride into water after attraction gets stuck: 'Rough day'

A Six Flags Over Texas representative tells EW a raft "became stuck" and that "all guests safely exited the ride" amid the incident.

Riders who became stuck on Six Flags Over Texas' Roaring Rapids raft attraction found themselves in troubled waters this week, with some even jumping from the ride as an employee attempted to evacuate them.

In a viral video shared Monday to TikTok, a member of the Arlington, Tex., park staff can be seen assisting stranded riders in the middle of the Roaring Rapids course, after several vessels stalled in the water when one of the rafts ahead of them became wedged and immobile.

The video continues, showing five boats ultimately backed up in the trough, with three guests jumping from the raft toward a platform toward the employee. Two of the three guests made it to the platform, while a third's full body landed in the water. Onlookers shouted for the others to grab hold of the person, who eventually grabbed another patron's arm and was pulled to safety.

The video ends as the ride's water is seemingly drained, with another Six Flags employee arriving with three floatation devices in hand. Jeff Erson, the TikTok user who posted the video, called it a "rough day" at Six Flags Over Texas.

<p>Six Flags Over Texas</p> Roaring Rapids at Six Flags Over Texas

Six Flags Over Texas

Roaring Rapids at Six Flags Over Texas

"One of the rafts at Roaring Rapids became stuck. Guests were told to remain seated in the raft while the ride was restarted," Melanie Stolze, a Six Flags communications team member, tells Entertainment Weekly of the incident via email. "All guests safely exited the ride and there were no injuries. The video shows that guests made it safely out of the water."

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EW has reached out to local public safety officials for more information.

The Six Flags Over Texas incident follows a June 21 accident in which a man died after being struck by an inverted roller coaster upon entering a restricted area to retrieve his lost keys at Kings Island amusement park in Ohio.

In lighter news from the parks industry, two camels escaped from their enclosure at Cedar Point amusement park (also in Ohio) in mid-June, with video capturing the creatures kicking at guests on the pathway.

Watch video of the Six Flags Over Texas incident on Roaring Rapids above.

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