Watch Kelly Clarkson have a breakdown while trying to sing Jon Bon Jovi's 'Blaze of Glory': 'Ahh f---!'

It's nothing that a hug from a legendary rockstar can't fix.

Even a Grammy-winning karaoke queen has bad days at the mic.

On Thursday, Kelly Clarkson showed fans her fiery side with a Kellyoke blooper reel that saw her stumbling over the words to Jon Bon Jovi’s "Blaze of Glory.” In a preview clip, she went so far as to call the hit tune "the song that almost killed me.”

As hardcore fans already know, The Kelly Clarkson Show host has been known to forget even her own song lyrics, but said that memory wasn’t even a factor in her Bon Jovi flub — she knew the lyrics, but couldn’t get them out right!

"I just can’t read,” she joked. “I grew up on that song. I know that song, but in rehearsal, I messed it up like, a gazillion times. Not even ‘cause I wasn’t hitting the notes, I just kept saying the wrong words.”

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The Kelly Clarkson Show/YouTube

Kelly Clarkson

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She added, “It got so ridiculous, I had to ‘Let It Go’ like Elsa for a minute. And then I had someone come rescue me.”

The rehearsal clips see Clarkson halting mid-song, multiple times, to correct herself on the lyrics after screwing them up.

“Oh man,” she mourned when the music paused for the first time. “My learning disability kicked in and I said ‘Let the boy like die a man.’ Yup. And it’s definitely not that!”

While she laughed off the first "Blaze of Glory” misfire, the second hit harder.

“Ah f--- me,” Clarkson reacted before outright screaming into the microphone. The rage ramped up the third time, with the host yelling in disbelief at herself for nearly singing, “Let me fake my final stand.” She is seen sinking to the floor afterward as someone off-camera is heard saying, “Come on, Clarkson.”

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A later clip saw Clarkson chatting with a crew member, only to be interrupted by the arrival of Bon Jovi himself. She promptly dropped to the floor again.

“I can’t say the words,” Clarkson confessed, to which Bon Jovi shook his head and replied, “Come on girlfriend!”

After getting a hug and ample encouragement from the legendary rocker, Clarkson managed to retake the stage and (presumably) get all the words out in the right order. Kellyoke lives on to slay another day.

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