Watch John Stamos surprise “Full House” fan Chris Stapleton after country star performs song about him

The Grammy winner found himself singing about the "Greek golden God" as part of a hilarious segment on "Jimmy Kimmel Live."

Have mercy on Chris Stapleton!

While visiting Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday, the country singer participated in a hilarious segment called “Wing It & Sing It” that required him to perform a made-up song that he'd never seen before in front of a live studio audience. Before the song, Jimmy Kimmel confirmed with Stapleton that he was a “fan of the show Full House," noting that it was “the theme for our song tonight.”

The host then explained the rules. “We’ve written the lyrics, these are lyrics Chris has not seen,” Kimmel said. “The music is going to be up to you, you gotta play something on the guitar, but what Chris will do is he’ll start playing a melody and I will reveal the cards, each one at a time, and then you will sing those words on those cards.”

“This is really silly,” Stapleton confessed. To which a laughing Kimmel responded, “Yeah, you shouldn’t have done this.”

<p>Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube</p> Chris Stapleton and John Stamos on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube

Chris Stapleton and John Stamos on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

The Grammy winner then began to strum his acoustic guitar and sing along to the song's lyrics, which slowly transformed into an ode about “the one human being whom I love the most:” John Stamos

“He’s the reason I’m singin’ this ballad / He’s the feta cheese in my Greek salad,” Stapleton sang. “When the kids are all gone and so is my spouse / I crack a hard seltzer and I watch Full House.” 

Stapleton then found himself listing off various parts of Stamos' body, from his “sweet, impish grin" to “those pretty green eyes" and beyond. “An incredible bod on my Greek golden God,” Stapleton sang and then immediately burst into laughter. He pulled himself away from the microphone twice to try and quell his chuckles before he continued, “I’d give my left nut to be part of his squad.”

In fact, Stapleton sang that he’d “trade all the whiskey in ol’ Tennessee for a minute of hangin’ with Uncle Jesse,” a nod to Stamos’ Full House character, before singing that maybe if he shouted his name three times in a row, “he’ll appear in this studio.”

Sure enough, just like Beetlejuice, Stamos suddenly walked out onstage and pulled a shocked Stapleton into a hug. The actor then pulled open his white blazer to reveal that he was wearing a Chris Stapleton t-shirt, proving he was equally a huge fan of the "Tennessee Whiskey" singer.

But the song was far from over. “Oh, there’s more!” Stapleton shouted. “Well, holy s---, wow / Now my dream has come true / John Stamos, you’re awesome / And I do love you.”

Stapleton and Stamos then exchanged another hug as an image of the pair's heads placed within a red heart with the word ‘BFF’ written on it was projected onto the screen behind them.

Watch Stapleton sing his John Stam-ode in the clip above.

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