Watch David Spade recreate iconic “Joe Dirt ”fireworks scene ahead of July 4

"You ain't got no donkey balls?" Spade quotes to the salesperson before laughing.

David Spade is getting into the holiday spirit in a way that his Joe Dirt persona would appreciate.

On Monday, the actor posted a video on Instagram showing him stopping by a fireworks stand ahead of the Fourth of July holiday, and he recreated the iconic scene in his 2001 comedy where his titular character lists off all the different kinds of fireworks he can think of.

<p>Columbia Pictures/ Everett</p> David Spade in 'Joe Dirt'

Columbia Pictures/ Everett

David Spade in 'Joe Dirt'

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"I was in Kentucky and had to find a #fireworks stand," Spade wrote in the caption along with the hashtags #joedirt #snakesandspaklers #theconsumer and #july4th.

In the video, Spade splices the actual scene from the movie above his camera footage where he quotes his mullet-sporting, muscle-car-loving loser with a heart of gold listing off all the fireworks names while the salesperson smiles and gets "starstruck."

"You're going to stand there ... do a lot of people say that?" he asks the salesperson before zooming in on an actual Donkey Balls firework and laughing while quoting, "You ain't got no donkey balls?"

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When the salesperson tries to sell him a large pack of fireworks called the Godfather, he replies, "You think I've got that kind of money?"

He then gets back into character while listing all the fireworks he can see on the display. He asks about the "good stuff" before joking that a can of gasoline is "a little quicker."

Watch Spade's video below:

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Spade wrote and starred in Joe Dirt 23 years ago about a poor janitor who had a mullet wig surgically attached to his head as a baby because he was missing the top part of his skull. He spends the film in search of his parents, meeting new friends along the way, including Kickin' Wing (Adam Beach), an unsuccessful fireworks salesman. The movie also starred Christopher Walken, Jaime Pressly, Kid Rock, Rosanna Arquette, and Fred Ward.

A moderate box office success but critically-maligned, it ultimately became a cult favorite and Spade tried to make an animated TV series spinoff on TBS that didn't go anywhere. However, he did make a sequel film, Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser, which premiered in 2015 on Crackle. The sequel was billed as "the first made-for-digital sequel to a major motion picture," and centered on Joe Dirt settling into married life, until he gets swept back into the recent past and must find a way to return to the present.

"I’ve always liked the movie a lot," Spade previously told EW. "After 10 years of people still asking about a sequel, we finally found a good way to do it."

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