‘The View’ Hosts Demand Fans ‘Leave Kelly Clarkson Alone’ As Singer Faces Backlash Over Weight Loss Confession

'The View' cast, Kelly Clarkson

The View hosts are not having the criticism people are throwing at Kelly Clarkson after her personal admission to using weight loss medication, as the women told everyone to "leave Kelly Clarkson alone."

On a new episode of the talk show, co-host Whoopi Goldberg brought up her recent visit to The Kelly Clarkson Show, when Goldberg and Clarkson opened up about weight loss and health struggles.

Goldberg went on to note that people were mad at Clarkson for using medication because she previously mentioned walking while talking about losing weight in a past interview.

"A lot of people are taking the shot because they need it. Some people need bodies jump-started, some have diabetes, there's lots of reasons," Goldberg began. "[Clarkson] has been walking. But this has helped."

While the show's conversation discussed different angles like how physical health can connect to your mental health, The View hosts all agreed on one thing, "Leave Kelly Clarkson alone," ending the segment by repeating the phrase.

The common thread in the women's conversation on the new episode was respecting people's personal decisions regarding how to manage their health, with Goldberg saying, "People have all kinds of issues, and we have to let people do what they need to do to get to where they need to get to."

"Stop being mad that they're not doing it your way!" she concluded, as the audience clapped in response.

Clarkson said in the recent conversation with Goldberg that she was taking medicine to help with weight loss "'cause my bloodwork got so bad," noting that her doctor was urging her to try the medication for a while.

Before this, Clarkson didn't talk about her health that much, but she briefly commented on it in an interview in January.

While she mentioned walking in New York City as a way to work out, Clarkson directly stated, "I dropped weight because I’ve been listening to my doctor," which matches her latest admission.

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