This Bikini Barista's Hammer-Smashing Reaction To A Violent Customer Is Going Viral

There's a new gay icon amongst us.

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A video of a barista smashing a hammer into a unhinged customer's windshield is going viral:

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The dispute started when a repeat customer at the Taste of Heaven Espresso bikini coffee stand in Seattle got angry about the price of his drinks. "You don't get to name your own price," The barista Emma Lee told him before he erupted into a tantrum.

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According to Fox Seattle, Emma is the owner of the coffee stand and knows her customer's orders by heart.

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"It was a threat after screaming, spitting, and trying to pry open the window, I felt in danger," she said.

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That's when she took it into her own hands and smashed his windshield with a hammer.

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As Emma said, "Women are allowed to respond to danger with actions other than crying."

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People are loving her reaction.

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"I love to see a customer service queen like this," one person said.

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"We should give more women hammers," another person said.

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I think we can all agree...

"'Less crying, more smashing' is the vibe I’m taking into the second half of 2024.'"

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