Victoria's Secret Model Bridget Malcolm: "It's A Hell Of Ride"

Kate Moffatt
Bridget Malcolm. Photo: Getty Images.

It might be the first time Aussie model Bridget Malcolm is strutting her stuff in the Victoria’s Secret show, but you certainly wouldn’t know it.

Apart from a few pre-casting nerves, Malcolm admits she’s excited to walk the runway alongside fellow models Shanina Shaik, Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid when the show kicks off mere hours from now.

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“I’m sure once I’m about to step on stage I will get nervous, but not yet,” the model told Yahoo7 Lifestyle from backstage. “I am just extremely excited!”

The show is a dream come true for the Perth-born beauty, who admits she never considered modelling as a career option.

“Growing up in Perth, the idea of modelling never even occurred to me,” says Malcolm. “So when I started working at 15 the whole foreign world of fashion opened up to me in a big way.

“I remember watching Miranda Kerr in the show one year though and being amazed at the whole spectacle of the show. Once I saw that, I knew I wanted to give the VS world a try - so to finally be here after all those years literally means the world to me. I am so thankful!”

While you might have heard Malcom’s name only recently, the model has been hard at work for nearly a decade, proving the Victoria’s Secret show is a tough gig to nab.

Malcolm admits navigating the “adult” world of modelling hasn’t been easy, and that learning to deal with rejection is a big part of the job.

“I’ve been working nearly a decade now and have managed to hang in there through some tough times,” says Malcolm. “This isn’t an easy job - you have to learn to navigate an adult world at a very young age, and learn to deal with rejection that isn’t sugar coated.

“However one of my life motto’s is “many people would kill to have your worst day” and I remember to stay thankful in every situation. Life is a journey, it isn’t meant to be easy, and I have been born into the most amazing experience!”

Despite rumours that fellow model Kendall Jenner was bullied backstage recently, Malcolm says the misconception about models being mean was simply that.

“Not true at all!” Malcolm says adamantly. “I have never had bad experiences from the other models, they are usually very chilled and helpful to new girls.”

When asked what advice she’d give her younger self, Malcolm’s response proves she has her feet firmly on the ground.

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“Enjoy this,” Malcolm says. “You’re in for a hell of a ride. Every single mistake I have made I would make again, as they are what has lead me to this moment in time, being the person I am today.”