The $40 beauty tool winning awards in Australia: 'No more peach fuzz'

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at home dermaplane
This dermaplane wowed the Product of the Year judges.

A $40 at-home beauty treatment - that’s currently on sale for just $25 - has picked up a win at the 2021 Product of the Year awards.

The Finishing Touch Flawless Dermaplane Glow was named the ‘Best Female Grooming Product’ and is an at-home dermaplaning tool that’s used to exfoliate your face, leaving your skin silky smooth and providing the perfect base for makeup.


It’s a skin resurfacing treatment that involves sweeping a fine blade across your face to scrape away dead skin cells and even out your skin texture and tone.

While it sounds a little odd at first, fans of the treatment love the way their makeup sits on their skin afterwards and that it helps their skincare products to be absorbed better.

at-home dermaplane on sale
This at-home dermaplane has been named 'Best Female Grooming Product’ at the Product of the Year awards for 2021. Photo: Shaver Shop

“My family and friends could tell my skin was different after one use,” one reviewer of the Flawless Dermaplane Glow said, “My products really do sink in better now.”

“No more dry skin spots and no more peach fuzz,” another said, “My makeup looks better on, had friends asking what have I been doing”.

Meanwhile celebrity makeup artist Jackson Roberts tells Yahoo Lifestyle, that after dermaplaning, makeup looks “smoother, more natural and less cakey”.

He adds that, “with the combination of lightly exfoliating and stimulation to the skin, dermaplaning will help to boost your cell turnover. Overtime, this will allow your skin to become firmer, brighter, reduce acne scarring and pigmentation, as well as reducing fine lines.”

model using a dermaplane face shaver
It's a manual dermaplane that has single-use blades and a battery-powered light. Photo: Flawless

Dermaplaning has been popular for years, but with lockdowns making access to professionals difficult over the past 18 months, there’s recently been a boom in at-home alternatives.

The Flawless Dermaplane Glow is a manual dermaplane - a fine razor you slide across your face as opposed to an electric one - with a battery-powered light to help you see exactly what you’re doing.

While it topped the ‘Female Grooming’ category and is touted as a tool that also removes peach fuzz, dermaplaning is more about exfoliation and giving you glowing, smooth skin, than hair removal. If hair removal is your primary goal or you have excessive facial hair, a specific device like a trimmer, or a treatment like laser hair removal, may be more effective.

facial hair removal device
A specific facial hair removal device like this $40 one is a better option is hair removal is your primary aim. Photo: Shaver Shop

How to use an at-home dermaplane

This isn’t a treatment you should jump into without properly following the instructions as there is a right and a wrong way to go about it. Definitely take the time to watch a tutorial video before getting started.

The advice at Flawless is to use the dermaplane right before bed as your skin needs to rest without any moisturiser, serums or makeup after treatment.

They recommend cleansing your face first to remove any makeup or oil build up, and to make sure your skin is completely dry before starting. Unlike shaving, microplaning is done on dry skin, so no water, soap or shaving cream.

Using one hand to hold your skin taut, with the other you gently slide the dermaplane across your face at a 45 degree angle, being careful not to go over any spot more than once. Avoid your lips, eyelids and the sides of your nose, and never use a dermaplane tool over acne or any open cuts or wounds on your face.

When you’re done, discard the single use blade and leave your skin to rest as is overnight, skipping any creams or further treatments.

Exfoliating versus hair removal

Dermaplaning is about removing dead skin cells to reveal an exfoliated surface that’s silky smooth, and while it can also remove fine peach fuzz in the process, it’s not necessarily a facial hair removal treatment.

Some shoppers who hoped to use the Flawless Dermaplane Glow for hair removal have said it hasn’t been effective at removing their facial hair and have described the blades as ‘blunt’.

After shaving or dermaplaning, hair can start growing back in a matter of days and Flawless doesn’t recommend using its device more than once a week, and actually says it should only be only used every two to four weeks.

Also, while dermaplaning, like shaving, will not make your hair grow back any thicker, it will blunt the ends which may make it feel thicker so it may not be your desired hair removal strategy if you have lots of facial hair

facial hair trimmer
Laser hair removal or a facial hair trimmer may be a better choice if all you want is hair removal. Photo: Shaver Shop

Other beauty winners in the 2021 Product of the Year

Product of the Year uses a panel of industry experts to quality test a range of everyday products before putting them up for review by 9,000 Aussie consumers. Shoppers’ responses are then analysed to rank a product’s relevance, uniqueness and likability, as well as how exciting and innovative it is, and awards are given out accordingly.

Alongside the Flawless Dermaplane Glow, Bulldog Skincare’s Original Bamboo Razor was named as the ‘Best Men's Grooming Product’.

It’s been designed to minimise its environmental impact with a natural bamboo handle, recycled packaging and un-chromed metal components.

bamboo razor by Bulldog
This razor by Bulldog was named the best grooming product for men. Photo: Bulldog Skincare

Another beauty product that picked up a mention is Balnea’s Premium Body Lotion in geranium, sandalwood and neroli which won ‘Best Personal Care Product’.

Available at Woolies for $7.50 for a 500ml bottle, this affordable body moisturiser uses 99 percent naturally-derived ingredients and smells beautiful.

You can find the full list of winners here. ​​

body lotion
This body lotion has been named ‘Best Personal Care Product’. Photo: Woolworths

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