Vegemite Flavoured Chocolate Is Coming

Vegemite chocolate is coming. Photo: Cadbury.
Vegemite chocolate is coming. Photo: Cadbury.

We’ve heard of Vegemite and cheese but Vegemite and chocolate?

That’s just plain weird.

But according to Cadbury Australia's official Twitter account, it’s now in production.

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And we can expect it to hit supermarket shelves on June 1, with a 200g block costing $4.99.

"Yes, the rumours were true. Yes, it's available June 1st (but you may see it sooner). Yes, it's surprisingly delicious," read the slogans in a short promotional video Cadbury Australia posted Thursday afternoon.

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The announcement has been quick to light up social media, with many questioning the choice of flavour combos.

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The unique flavour is being released as part of Cadbury's #ChocPlusWhat campaign, which will also include Pretzel and Peanut, Salted Caramel and Golden Toffee varieties.

I guess we'll just have to wait until next month to see what it really tastes like.

What's next? Marmite-flavoured marshmallows?

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