Vanderpump Rules' Raquel finally breaks silence on Scandoval: What you need to know

The reality star spoke to Bethenny Frankel in her first interview since news of her affair with Tom Sandoval broke.

Raquel Leviss of Vanderpump Rules fame has finally broken her silence on Bethenny Frankel's podcast, months after her affair with VPR co-star Tom Sandoval rocked reality TV fans in a saga that was quickly dubbed 'Scandoval'.

What you need to know

  • Raquel, 28, was having a secret affair with Tom, 40, for over seven months. Tom had been with his long-term partner (and Raquel's friend) Ariana Madix, 38, for nine years.

  • Raquel had previously been engaged to VPR star James Kennedy but was single at the time of her affair with Tom Sandoval.

  • Raquel and Tom reportedly broke up in May, after the filming of the Vanderpump Rules reunion episodes.

  • The last five minutes of the final reunion episode saw Raquel tearfully open up to Andy Cohen in a one-on-one chat, saying her affair with Tom had gone on longer than they had previously admitted.

  • After the reunion episodes were filmed, Raquel was checked into a mental health treatment facility and she is now going by the name Rachel again.

  • Filming for Season 11 of Vanderpump Rules is underway, and sources have told ET Raquel will not be returning.

Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss in an intimate moment on Vanderpump Rules
Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss' secret affair on Vanderpump Rules shocked fans. Photo: Bravo

🗣️ What they said

Raquel Leviss, on seeking treatment in a mental health facility: "I wanted to understand my behaviours and get down to the bottom of why I'm choosing men who are unavailable, what are the things that I need to change about my behaviour."

Raquel on her friendship with Ariana Madix: "Ariana and I were not best friends, we were acquaintances who became friends on the show. It's painful to think I've hurt her in this way… I don't expect her to forgive me,"

Raquel on drinking more when filming Season 10: "I was still healing from a relationship from somebody I thought I was going to marry. That person that I saw watching back on my TV is someone who is completely out of character from who I truly am."

Raquel Leviss breaks down on Vanderpump Rules about Tom Sandoval affair
Raquel Leviss breaks down on Vanderpump Rules after admitting her affair with Tom Sandoval went for longer than they initially said. Photo: Bravo

🗓️ What happens next?

Sources have previously said Raquel would not be returning for Season 11 of Vanderpump Rules, and while she hasn't explicitly stated yet whether she'll appear or not, she had this to say to Bethenny:

"The mistakes that I've made on camera live on forever. And you mentioned something about the addiction of doing reality TV and the way that they always dangle that carrot in front of you, like, 'Well, you need to tell your side of the story otherwise it’s gonna be written for you'.

"And that’s terrifying. So I almost went back, I know just because of that," Raquel said.

She also alleged Tom Sandoval had been "rewarded" for the scandal and offered a producer role for season 11 of the show, while she hasn't seen a "penny" from the drama.

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