Valerie Bertinelli Radiates Joy and Thanks Fans for Supporting Her 'Life Updates' After Introducing Her Boyfriend

"Thank you for sticking around. Through the challenging and through the sweet,” said Bertinelli who recently went Instagram official with her new boyfriend

<p>Valerie Bertinelli/Instagram</p> Valerie Bertinelli on a walk on April 22

Valerie Bertinelli/Instagram

Valerie Bertinelli on a walk on April 22

Valerie Bertinelli has some pep in her step after some personal and professional milestones.

The former Food Network host, 63, spoke about her gratitude in a new Instagram Reel posted on Monday, April 22. In the video, which is set to Taylor Swift’s new song “The Tortured Poets Department," Bertinelli is spinning around gleefully and walking outside. She is dressed in a sleeveless shirt that says “love yourself” and is donning a pair of reflective sunglasses.

“When I go on my walks, I do a lot of reflecting. Sometimes sweet, sometimes challenging,” Bertinelli wrote in the caption before referencing her latest cookbook Indulge. “Reflecting on this week and the kindness all of you have shown me in our conversations at the Indulge book signings, and here online, I just wanted to send out a huge thank you for supporting me and for all your sweet responses to my life updates. 🥰”

The celebrity chef continued, “I truly love this community that we have built here. Thank you for sticking around. Through the challenging and through the sweet.”

The caption explicitly calls out her work success but also nods to a romantic development in Bertinelli’s life: going public with her boyfriend  Mike Goodnough.

<p>Valerie Bertinelli /Instagram</p> Valerie Bertinelli and boyfriend Mike Goodnough

Valerie Bertinelli /Instagram

Valerie Bertinelli and boyfriend Mike Goodnough

Over the last several weeks, Bertinelli has slowly been more vocal about her new romance. It began in early March when she told USA TODAY that she was dating again after finalizing her divorce from her husband of 10 years, Tom Vitale, in November 2022.

Not long after that, Bertinelli told PEOPLE about her then-unnamed partner during her cover story, saying that her “belly is flip-flopping” over the new romance. But she wasn't ready to name her boyfriend at the time.

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The pair were then photographed in early April leaving the cookbook author’s filming at The Drew Barrymore Show. Goodnough, who goes by the moniker Hoarse Whisperer, later wrote on his Substack that he is “Valerie Bertinelli’s boyfriend.”

Finally, on Saturday April 20, Bertinelli posted a selfie of the pair on Instagram, which was his first official introduction on her social media page.

"🎶 I’ll drink what you think and I’m high from smokin’ your jokes all damn night 🎶," Bertinelli wrote in her caption, using lyrics from another one of Swift’s new songs, "So High School."

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