Global response to woman's viral bikini post

Kristine Tarbert
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

A woman’s bikini post that went viral for all the wrong reasons, has actually ended up sparking a global response in support of body positivity.

Val Addall, who has 50k followers online, tweeted two photos of herself in a bikini with the caption: “Let’s do a body positivity thread, drop your pics so we can show some love.”

But because she also tagged the brand she was wearing asking them to sponsor her, many slammed the post and accused her of “fishing for attention”.

“Let’s stop doing ‘body positivity’ threads centring on people with bodies that receive the most positivity every day anyway,” one person commented.

“Just say you want more compliments and go,” another added.

“I just see a bunch of model looking people and it feels unreal as a body positivity thread,” was another reply.

While another simply wrote: “They’re just fishing for attention.”

However since then, the thread has received thousands more comments, with both men and women of all body types sharing photos of themselves, including one person who has a stoma bag, and a person who uses a wheelchair.

“I didn’t see anyone like me so I decided to share my own,” Twitter user Alexis wrote alongside two photos of herself.

“Thank you girl,” a person replied. “Makes me happy to see someone like me on this thread.”

Alexis shared her own photo to the thread. Photo: Twitter

“Finally another person with a feeding tube,” Twitter user Rachel, wrote alongside a photo of herself in response to another woman who posted her own photo with the caption “how about a disabled body thrown in here”.

“Just came here to say that everyone on this thread right here is beautiful,” was another supportive comment left on the thread which has grown to over 2.7k responses and 42,000 likes in the days since it was posted.

Just one of the many people who shared their own photos. Photo: Twitter
Selina shared her own image in the thread. Photo: Twitter

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