Uproar over bar banning Mariah Carey Christmas song: 'War on Christmas'

A bar in Texas caused uproar after revealing they'd banned Mariah Carey's 'All I Want For Christmas' until December 1.

Journalist Kyle Smith shared a photo of the sign from the bar that was written in all caps and read: "Mariah Carey's All I Want For Christmas will be skipped if played before Dec. 1. After Dec 1 the song is only allowed one time a night."

Mariah Carey Christmas
A bar has caused uproar after saying they are banning Mariah Carey's 'All I Want For Christmas Is You', with the singer herself responding. Photo: Getty

While the bar wasn't named, Smith added he found it on a "Dallas jukebox".

"OMG what bar is this?" one user responded with a crying emoji.


"Let's fight," another added, while someone else wrote, "And lemme guess they're gonna let Michael Buble crawling out of his cave to slip by. They hate to see a girlboss win."

"My dollar, my song, no exceptions," one person added.

Bar banning Mariah Carey
Many Twitter users responded to the photo of the sign. Photo: Twitter

Some people, however, agreed with the message with one user responding, "It would be preferable if the song were not in the jukebox at all. I suppose this is a tolerable compromise."

"Yes! Extremely overplayed," another wrote.

"I need to print that out for my wife," someone else added, however, someone else responded, "How about you let your wife enjoy things she likes before she decides you aren’t one of those things."

"Mariah did something right to get this amount of hate . It’s a Xmas song … you must be a grinch," another Mariah fan Tweeted.

Mariah Carey responds on Twitter
Mariah herself responded to the tweet. Photo: Twitter

A few days later, the post was retweeted with the caption, "Is this the war on Christmas I've heard about?"

Mariah Carey herself came across the post and responded with a photo of herself in battle armour, taken from the 2015 ad she shot for mobile video game Game of War.

On Monday, after Halloween had officially finished for the year, Mariah shared a video of herself getting ready for Christmas by using a giant candy cane to smash on of the jack-o'-lanterns that read, "It's not time," so that it would read, "It's time."

Mariah gets ready for Christmas
Mariah in her post-Halloween video. Photo: Instagram/Mariah Carey

In the video, she wears a red sparkly dress and heels and celebrates by frolicking in a Christmas wonderland.

The video then features a present with the date November 5 written on it, the day her new Christmas single 'Fall In Love At Christmas' is released.

'All I Want For Christmas Is You' has been slowly making its way up the charts and is currently at No. 48 on the iTunes music charts in the US.

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