Unlock Your Cosmic Potential With Your Big 6 Astrology Placements

What is the Big 6 Astrology Meaning

Hey, stargazer! You're probably familiar with your star sign, which governs your heart and ego expression—the one most people check their horoscopes for. But did you know your celestial blueprint extends beyond your star sign? It's composed of the entire planetary system, each heavenly body influencing a different aspect of your life. In astrology, the "big six" planets play a role in how you express yourself, communicate with others, show love, experience emotions, and more. Whether you're new to secrets of astrology or just eager to explore deeper into the depths of the stars, we have a comprehensive guide to help you calculate and understand each of your big six placements.

What Is the Big 6 in Astrology?

You may have heard of astrology's "big three"—your sun, moon, and rising signs. But why stop there? You can expand your knowledge by finding your Mercury, Venus, and Mars signs. These three additional placements in your birth chart link up with your big three to make the "big six" and offer deeper insights into your personality and quirks.

How To Find Your Big 6 Placements in Astrology

To find your big six, you'll need to create a copy of your birth chart using an online calculator like this one. Then, look for the corresponding zodiac signs in your sun, moon, rising, Mercury, Venus, and Mars placements. Each of these planets holds a specific influence in your life, and together, they blend to show the complete profile of your soul.

Big 6 Astrology Planets Meaning

To understand your big six, start by learning about your big three: sun, moon, and rising signs. Then, expand to include your personal planets: Mercury, Venus, and Mars.

Sun Sign Meaning

Astrologically, your sun sign embodies everything vibrant, warm, and attractive about your personality. Your sun sign represents how you express your ego desires in life. Living in sync with your sun sign enhances your self-confidence, making it easier for you to convey your desires clearly to others. The sun's energy instills vitality and motivation in you to pursue your dreams and stand out. You can find your sun sign using your birthday, and if you were born on the zodiac cusp, you can review our guide to find your sun sign.

Moon Sign Meaning

While your sun sign offers a glimpse of your surface personality, your moon sign adds depth and layers, revealing why two people with the same sun sign can have totally different vibes. Your moon sign reigns over your emotions, intuition, dreams, shadow, personality, and inner world. It shapes how you interpret experiences, tune into your intuition, and acts as the guiding light on your astrological journey. Paired with your sun sign, your moon sign navigates your distinct path through the ever-shifting celestial realm.

Rising Sign Meaning

Round out your "big three" placements, the ascendant aka your rising sign acts as your energetic signature in life. While some describe this placement as a social mask you wear around strangers, it's closer to an unseen aura surrounding you, adding some sparkle to your personality. Plus, your rising sign plays a big part in pinpointing your chart ruler—a planet in your birth chart that guides your decisions and dreams. So, while the influence of your rising might feel subtle, it's a key player in understanding your cosmic blueprint.

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Mercury Sign Meaning

You might have heard of "Mercury retrograde," but in your birth chart, Mercury represents communication, reasoning, intellectualism, and creativity. It enables us to absorb, process, and convey information to others, allowing flexibility in life's changes. Additionally, Mercury acts as the celestial navigator guiding you to discover your voice. From your professional life to your romantic side to your inner creative and artist, how you express yourself in all areas of life is influenced by the zodiac sign ruling your Mercury sign.

Venus Sign Meaning

If you're searching for the planet that governs love, sex, romance, and desire, look to your Venus sign. This morning star is a benefic planet—meaning its presence brings good fortune and manifestations when activated. Most people think of marriage when they think of Venus; however, exploring the energy of your Venus sign can also reveal how you flirt, who you're attracted to, your fashion aesthetic, and more. Additionally, Venus rules finances, allowing you to harness its power in astrology to manifest new opportunities.

Mars Sign Meaning

Looking to get things done? Your Mars sign reveals how you wield power in life. In astrology, Mars governs action, decision-making, aggression, drive, and discipline. While it's considered a malefic planet, stirring tension wherever it goes, it's also a potent source of fuel for propelling you forward. From what inspires us to what irritates us, Mars influences it all. Understanding how your Mars placement affects your temperament and composure is essential for unlocking the power of your cosmic personality.

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