Unicorn Halloween costumes for pretending you're young again

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Unicorns are majestic creatures, as elusive as they are beautiful. Where do they live? Who do they obey? Nobody knows.

The word unicorn comes from the ancient Latin ‘uni’ meaning one and ‘corn’ meaning corn. But in modern times, ‘unicorn’ is also used to describe a person’s imagined ideal partner, and single ladies into couples in a sexy way.

Whom amongst us hasn’t imagined riding one of these pastel-hued not-horses into the rainbows or keeping a few in the garden as plant-holders or pets? But if your garden is not big enough or you don’t have any plants needing holding, one corns also make great Halloween costumes for the whole family.

And because we love our readers/felt like it, here’s a roundup of cheap and cute unicorn-themed Halloween costumes, decorations and beauty items from around the web.

ASOS Loungeable rainbow unicorn twosie

A unicorn Halloween costume you can fall asleep at the party in.

Other ASOS offerings for the unicorn-lover (PG way) include this piñatathese unicorn face jewels and this see-through dress that your mum says “wear a slip under".

Lime Crime unicorn hair rainbow mist

Halloween fancy dress costume makeup and hair.

Find more Lime Crime unicorn-themed makeup and hair accessories here or don’t, I’m not the boss of you.

Infant’s pink unicorn Halloween costume

This baby unicorn Halloween costume is the cutest thing who've ever seen. Fact.

After yesterday’s sexy Halloween costumes nobody asked for, there are a number of arguably sexy unicorn costumes heaps of people probably asked for. Plus, INFLATABLE UNICORNS and plenty of other wholesome and child-friendly dress-ups too.

Boohoo Halloween rainbow flower unicorn and veil headband

The ultimate cheap and cute unicorn Halloween costume

While you’re there, pick up something for a very unicorn-y Christmas too.


The baby's got competition.

There is nothing funnier than pets in costumes. I won’t be taking questions on this at this time.

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