Woman's ultimate revenge on cheating boyfriend in shock video

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Anyone who has been to Mardi Gras, any form of music festival, or just craft day at the kindergarten knows that there’s in nothing more intrusive, adhesive and impossible to banish from your life than glitter.

Be it a speck that creeps onto your face out of nowhere, or an impossible to remove shimmer from your clothes after cross-contamination in the washing machine, once glitter is in your life it’s an omnipresent force that will follow you to the grave.

Close up shot of the child's hands in golden sparkles palms up represents adhesive glitter
Glitter is notoriously invasive, and almost impossible to ever be fully rid of. Photo: Getty Images

That’s why the woman who decided to harness the physically harmless, but mentally devastating force of glitter to teach her cheating ex a life-long lesson is being hailed as a genius of epic proportions.

Sharing her dastardly deed to TikTok, user Holly Nicole explained to her followers that she had decided to put a new spin on the tired ‘key his car’ trope that sees jilted lovers cause physical damage to their cheating exes’ property.

TikTok user glitter bombs boyfriend
TikTok user Holly Nicole made her boyfriend pay for cheating on her in maybe the worst way possible. Photo: TikTok/hollynicoleeee_

No, as she explained there’s a better, and badder way to make your feelings known in a very permanent way.

“It’s not key his car in 2021...” she wrote alongside a video that’s since gone viral. “No, it’s glitter his EVERYTHING 2021.”

The video shows Holly stalking through an already suspiciously glinting apartment, scattering a jar of dark blue glitter like the ashes of their former relationship.

TikTok woman throws blue glitter over household cheating boyfriend revenge
Holly filmed herself scattering the blue glitter throughout the apartment. Photo: TikTok

In follow up videos, Holly explains that she had caught her boyfriend cheating on her with his ex twice, after which he attempted to ghost her. When she finally managed to return to his apartment she decided to leave a ‘forget-me-not’.

With the sounds of Carrie Underwood’s Before The Cheats blaring in the background everywhere from the hall, to the bedroom, to the bathroom is doused, before she turns the camera to herself to share a knowing smile.

Cheating ex glitter bomb revenge images shoes and couch covered in green glitter
A healthy dose of green glitter made sure he wouldn't sit or walk without remembering his misdeed. Photo: TikTok/hollynicoleeee_

Glitter revenge goes viral

The incredible video has unsurprisingly gone viral, racking up 28 million views and prompting thousands to flood the video with comments about how to improve the method of revenge.

“Hear me out,” one woman wrote. “On top of the fan blades for an unexpected surprise.”

“Glitter in his car,” another joked. “Get the air vents.”

“Put it in his shampoo and conditioner,” another wrote.

“Pure evil,” another wrote. “(I love it).”

These days, however, it seems the pair are on better terms, with Holly sharing a text message sent after her video went viral in which he apologises for his treatment of her.

It seems other unfaithful lovers will have to sleep with one eye open going forward.

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