This photo proves two Hemsworths are always better than one

Anita Lyons
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

What’s better than one Hemsworth? Two!

Chris Hemsworth has posted a rather gorgeous black and white photo to Instagram featuring him and younger brother Liam.

I’ve gone full hipster and only shoot on film now, this was shot on film, digital is dead, except when I’m digitally transferring my film shots to digital. Film rules. Liam you’re cool too,” he captioned the post.

However fans probably didn’t read a word he wrote because, Hemsworths.

Liam, Chris and Luke Hemsworth have geen genetically blessed. Source: Getty Images

While trying to be ‘artsy’ and proving he was ‘hipster’ now, fans couldn’t get past the absolute God-sent genetics of the two posing together.

“Congrats to your mom’s uterus,” one commenter said. “Best womb ever.”

“What wonderful genetics,” another simply said, while another “just licked” their phone.

Ridiculously good-looking family! Give me some of your genes!!!!!!!!!! [sic]”, another said.

And then there was this: “I took a screenshot”. Honestly was the most relatable thing we’ve heard all day.

The two brothers aren’t the only ones fans have being ‘frothing’ over.

Elsa Patky, Spanish model and wife of Chris, shared a video of herself speaking in her native Spanish, and fans went crazy for it.

The mum-of-three’s social media was sent into a meltdown when she shared a video of herself promoting the Spanish island of Mallorca.

As she talked about loving nature and enjoying everything her home country had to offer, all people could seem to concentrate on was her ‘sultry’ accent.

“Her accent is so sexy,” one user wrote, while another commented on the fact she had a nice “mix of Spanish and Aussie”. 

“I could get lost listening to you talk,” one fan exclaimed.

They’re one of the hottest couples in Hollywood and now we know why Chris is so smitten. Source: Getty

In the Hemsworth household, sometimes there are some hilarious difficulties as he doesn’t understand what his wife is saying.

“My wife will be telling them off and I’ll be standing there like, ‘That’s right!’” he recently told Ellen DeGeneres, revealing that he usually ends up asking his wife what she just told their brood.

Judging from the sounds of Elsa’s sexy voice, we’re not surprised he doesn’t interrupt her when she’s talking.