Twitter users share top tips for keeping cool in the heatwave

Caroline Allen
Twitter is awash with top tips on how to get through the heatwave. [Photo: Getty]

If you aren’t aware that we’re in the midst of a heatwave, a quick look on Twitter will confirm it.

The word “slept” is trending, simply because us Brits are so eager to share how little sleep we had last night.

Amongst the sleep updates, lightening photos and reminders that it’s “only going to get hotter”, there are some pearls of wisdom on how to deal with the heat.

Grab a cup of tea (because for some reason we’re all still drinking tea) and let’s get stuck in.

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London Underground free water

To everybody commuting in this heat, we salute you.

The London Underground is hard enough to deal with at the best of times, but TfL staff are making it a bit more manageable by giving out free drink bottles.

The water bottle also comes with a little advice card.

“Please help others off the train if they are ill. We can provide better care of the platform.”

“If you feel unwell while on a train, ask for a seat.”

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Walking your dog

“If you can’t stand on the pavement barefoot for seven seconds, it’s too hot for your dog.”

That advice comes from one Twitter user who says that missing a walk won’t kill them, but the heat might.

The RSPCA also recommends never leaving your dog in a car, conservatory, outbuilding of caravan during a heatwave, only if it’s for a short while.

If in doubt, it’s best to take a rain check on the dog walk.

Visit a museum or cathedral

Did you know it’s just 16°C in Winchester Cathedral’s crypt at the moment?

Generally speaking, old buildings are colder all year round. That might not be a good feature in the cold of winter, but on a day like today, we’re happy to be fully immersed in the crypt life.

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Shower in your clothes

We’ve heard of freezing your pillow cases, but showering in our clothes is a new one.

One Twitter user suggests showering in your clothes and then letting yourself dry in front of a fan.

Survey says: genius.

Support homeless people and public workers

Being homeless during a heatwave can be extremely dangerous. So can working outside in boiling hot conditions.

One Twitter user has suggested simply “buying them a cold drink”.

“They [public workers] have little choice in the uniform they wear, & in this hot weather any small gesture will surely be welcomed.”

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