Twitch bans streams overlaid on boobs and butts

Because that's apparently a thing.

NurPhoto via Getty Images

No more Fortnite Twitch streams on butts. I said what I said. If you're out of the loop on all things Twitch, there's a trend going around of streamers projecting their gameplays on green-screened body parts, usually intimate ones like butts and breasts. Because normal picture-in-picture is now apparently too boring. Twitch is putting a stop to its streamers' shenanigans, though, and will officially prohibit "content that focuses on clothed intimate body parts such as the buttocks, groin, or breasts for extended periods of time" starting on March 29.

In a writeup on the trend, Kotaku explained that it all started when controversial streamer Morgpie projected her Fortnite gaming session on a closeup of her behind. After that, other streamers followed suit, overlaying their games on body parts both real and fictional, like anime thighs or anime boobs breasting boobily on screen while they're playing. Now, boobs and butts streaming is out. Don't get caught up on the "clothed intimate body parts" wording, as well — of course, their unclothed versions are also prohibited, as per Twitch's policy that doesn't allow users to broadcast or upload "content that contains depictions of real or fictional nudity, regardless of the medium used to create it."

Twitch had previously revised its guidelines due to Morgpie's activities on its platform. The streamer went live with a well-positioned camera that suggested she was gaming topless, shortly after Twitch relaxed its rules for sexual content on the platform. It gave rise to a meta of streamers pretending to be unclothed, prompting the platform to rescind those policy changes and ultimately to bar users from pretending to be fully or partially nude in their streams.