TV stars unrecognisable after dramatic transformation: 'Incredible'

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Two stars of Channel 10's new reality series Hunted have shocked fans with a dramatic disguise to evade getting caught while on the run from the Hunters.

The series is the largest game of cat and mouse and centres around couples acting as fugitives, attempting to flee while investigators with backgrounds in the Australian Federal Police, Defence Force and British Intelligence gather information about their whereabouts.

As the series nears to an end, Jake and Rob are one of the couples still on the run, with their strategy clearly paying off.

Jake and Rob on the set of Hunted.
Hunted stars Jake and Rob are still on the run. Source: Ten

After using a number of disguises, including changing their hairstyles and posing as tradies, the duo stepped it up in Monday night's episode as they disguised themselves in drag and relaxed at a pub in West Footscray in an attempt to blend in with the crowd.

Rob, 33, is a hairdresser and makeup artist who transformed himself and police officer partner in crime Jake, 31, by applying wigs and makeup as well as fake breasts and facial prosthetics.


Fans of the show were stunned by how unrecognisable the pair was.

"Jake and Rob’s disguises are incredible. I don’t see how they could get caught like that," one wrote on Twitter.

"Jake looks good in drag," another said.

"Jake and Rob are modern day heroes!" a third added.

Jake and Rob dressed in drag.
Jake and Rob were completely unrecognisable in their disguise. Source: Ten

Eliminated couple reveal one regret

Newlyweds Nick and Lavinia are the latest couple to have been caught by the Hunters, with the pair revealing their one regret.

Nick says that he wishes he could go back and have more fun messing around with the Hunters.

“I know it sounds really counterintuitive, but I think if I could change anything I would have had more interaction and more misinformation towards the Hunters, just because you need to train yourself to deal with them being close and having it on your own terms,” he explains.

“When you’ve spent two weeks without seeing them, you get really confident with yourself,” Lavinia adds.

“You think ‘Oh it’s been two weeks, we’ve nailed this, they have nothing on us’, but you’d get to the finish line and they would just pop up out of nowhere and you wouldn’t expect it.

“You definitely run the risk of getting caught way earlier, but if you make it through, it’s going to put you in a good place for the extraction on the final day.”

Hunted airs 7:30pm Sunday – Tuesday on Channel 10.

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