Piers Morgan accuses Meghan Markle of 'ghosting' him

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British TV host Piers Morgan has slammed Meghan Markle, accusing her of “ghosting” him since she married into royalty.

His sensational claims come as rumours of a “rift” swirl around the Duchess of Sussex and her sister-in-law Kate Middleton.

Piers, 53, was discussing the reports of “tension” between the two leading ladies when he revealed his own experience with Prince Harry’s new wife “wasn’t great”.

TV star Piers Morgan has weighed in on the royal rift and spoken out about his experience with Meghan Markle, accusing her of “ghosting” him. Source: ITV

“I knew her for about a year and a half, got on really well with her,” he said during an appearance on Good Morning Britain. “But then bang”.

“She met somebody more important and immediately ghosted me and I never heard from her again”.

Meghan and Piers’ friendship

Piers became friends with the former Suits star at the height of her acting career after following her on Twitter along with some of her co-stars.

When she came to London in June 2016, he took the 37-year-old for a drink in his local pub.

After, he says he unknowingly put her into a cab which “took her on her first proper date with Harry”.

Piers has accused Meghan of climbing the social ladder and ditching those she met along the way up to becoming royalty. Source: Getty

The ‘ghosting’

“I never heard from her ever again and the old slippery slope ladder had gone up and she social climbed her way out of my orbit,” Piers told his fellow panelists.

“So my experience wasn’t great, I’ve got to be honest with you. And everything I’ve seen since does slightly smack of an actress, a Hollywood actress, seizing her chance and acting her way to the top.”

While Piers seems pretty defiant in his opinion of Meghan — who is currently expecting her first child with Harry, 34 — another journalist on the show disagrees.

Meghan defended

Radhika Sanghani said his remarks were “absolutely ridiculous”, adding that the “media coverage towards her has changed”.

Piers said he met Meghan for a drink in London in 2016, the same night she went on her first proper date with Harry. Source: ITV

“As a normal person, to me it is this really lovely love story between them,” she said, as well as her observation that it was “very obvious they were in love”.

“But unfortunately, with this media narrative we’re seeing now, it’s completely changed.”

Duchess cut off her family

However Piers didn’t budge, bringing up the continuing public feud Meghan now has with her dad and half sister Samantha — both of which she has cut ties with since embarking on her royal romance.

“There are concerns at the palace over her treatment of her father is a massive ongoing issue,” he said. “For a woman to just cut her father off… the moment she met Harry she ditched everyone who could be a potential problem.

“I don’t think that’s right.”

Rumours of a rift between Kate and Meghan have been rife, sparking conversation among many including Piers Morgan. Source: Getty

Growing ‘tension’ among Fab Four

Ever since Prince Harry and Meghan announced they would be moving out of Kensington Palace, rumours of a rift between the fab four have been surfacing – mostly surrounding the Duchesses of Cambridge and Sussex.

From Prince Harry and William supposedly having a falling out over Meghan, or Kate being left in tears after a dress fitting ahead of Meghan’s wedding, the rumour mill has been spinning.

Things have escalated so fast that the palace issued a rare statement to the media over claims that Kate chastised Meghan after she “spoke rudely” to royal staff, in a report by The Sun.

However, in a rare statement, the palace toldThe Mirror UK, “This never happened”.

It might not be a long statement, but the fact the palace felt the need to make it at all suggests the royals are growing tired of the negative press, which Piers is now weighing in on.

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