TV host Melanie Bracewell forced to delete scathing tweet about Bunnings: 'What's up?'

The comedian backtracked on her vent big time.

Comedian Melanie Bracewell has revealed the hilarious reason she was forced to delete a scathing tweet aimed at hardware store Bunnings. The Cheap Seats co-host posted a video to her Instagram account from one of her live shows, where she explained what irked her so much in-store that she decided to take to social media to vent about it.

“I went in there right and I was walking past the toolbox section and there was a toolbox there, it was $9, your standard toolbox, I was like ‘sounds about right’. Next to that was a bright pink toolbox, clearly marketed towards women and it was $32,” Melanie said during her joke.

Melanie Bracewell on stage
Melanie Bracewell has revealed why she had to delete her scathing tweet about Bunnings. Photo: Instagram/Melanie Bracewell

“I was like, ‘this is some f****g b******t,” she continued, adding: “I sense a Tweet coming on”.

27-year-old New Zealand-born Melanie went on to say that she took a photo of the standard toolbox in the shop and uploaded it for her 59,000 followers to see, writing in the caption: “Bunnings, what’s up with this s**t?”


However, instead of her followers also being furious over the price difference in the products, one person pointed out the exact reason for it.

“Someone replied saying the reason that one’s more expensive is because that one has tools in it," she said.

The audience erupted into laughter at the story, with Melanie adding that the other toolbox was in fact an empty box, devoid of any tools.

“I was like, ‘I know stop mansplaining to me’,” she joked.

She captioned the video: "Why I had to delete a tweet about Bunnings".

Bunnings logo
She was furious over her apparent discovery at Bunnings. Photo: Getty Images

Melanie’s career soars

Melanie Bracewell’s comedy career took off in 2018 and after going viral during lockdown for her impressions of former Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, she’s gone on to become a TV star, appearing regularly on Channel 10 comedy show Have You Been Paying Attention and now her own show, The Cheap Seats.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph last year, Melanie said she just “feels so lucky” for her career to have taken off like it has.

“It feels kind of surreal,” she said, adding: “I never really had a full vision of what I wanted to do when I was growing up. I didn’t think, ‘Oh I want to be a comedian,’ or ‘I want to be a TV host,’ or anything like that. I loved performing when I was at school. I was into musical theatre, but it’s gone beyond what I could’ve imagined.”

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