Turia Pitt announces second pregnancy

Penny Burfitt
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Turia, Michael and Hakavai will be welcoming a new addition to their family. photo: Instagram/turiapitt

Turia Pitt has announced she is expecting her second child.

The 32-year-old and partner Michael Hoskin excitedly announced the impending arrival of their newest addition to the family on Instagram yesterday.

In a ‘Beyonce-inspired’ video clip the pair gave fans a sneak peek of Turia’s newly pregnant belly, as well as adorable family footage.

“When Michael and I want to share big news, I insist on creating a Beyonce-inspired video montage,” the ecstatic mum joked in the caption.

“Baby #2, we can’t wait to meet you.”

Baby #2 will join big brother Hakavai, the couple’s firstborn who turns two in December this year.

The adorable video shows the family at an ultrasound appointment, rubbing Turia’s belly and talking excitedly about the impending fourth member.

The thrilling news prompted a wave of congratulations from fans and famous pals alike.

Turia gave fans a sneak peek of her pregnant belly. photo: Instagram/ Turia Pitt

“YELP! SQUEEP! COMMOTION! APPLAUSE!” was Zoe Foster-Blake’s contribution.

“Congratulations! Another one through to the keeper!!” was surf star Lane Beachley’s cheeky congratulatory message.

“OMG look at your beautiful little belly!!” another fans gushed.

Turia has always been open and candid around motherhood, last year she told Yahoo Lifestyle her key to keeping her cool as a mum was staying ‘in the present moment’.

“I think this is a pretty common one for most new mums, but I’m just trying not to get too far ahead of myself,” Turia said .

“It’s easy to get stressed and overwhelmed when your baby is crying or not sleeping, and get in that loop of ‘oh, if he doesn’t sleep now, then he won’t sleep later, and then I won’t sleep well tonight, which will make tomorrow stressful etc’

“But that doesn’t help anyone! So I’m trying to stay in the present moment - and enjoy all of it," she says.

Turia has had partner Michael by her side through thick and thin. photo: Instagram/ Turia Pitt

Turia famously sustained horrific injuries during a bushfire that trapped her while running an ultra-marathon in 2011.

After surviving the trauma, and recovering with partner Michael by her side, Pitt has become a national hero and a symbol of survival for people everywhere.

Her and Michael are set to tie the knot next year, after her future-husband popped the question in 2015.

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