Try Guys founder Eugene Lee Yang leaving after current season

Eugene Lee Yang is leaving YouTube channel The Try Guys, becoming the second host to depart the group.

Yang is leaving after the latest “season” of Try Guys videos is released, the group told Rolling Stone.

Co-creators Keith Habersberger and Zach Kornfeld will remain creative partners and are launching subscription-based 2ndTry TV for their stunts.

“Eugene leaving is something that is sort of necessary for us to keep moving forward,” Habersberger told the rock mag. “Things change. THE TRY GUYS’ original cast already came to an end once, But now it’s sort of getting a better finite ending.”

The Try Guys became a trio nearly two years ago when co-creator Ned Fulmer left the group after starting a relationship with a subordinate in a scandal that brought the group into the mainstream.

The group began as BuzzFeed employees making videos before branching out on their own trying different activities, like UFC fighting and “labor pain simulation.”

Habersberger and Kornfeld said they hope that by switching to a subscription model, they’ll be able to be more creative and not have their output dictated by finicky and selective algorithms.

“We’re creating a space where we can bet on ourselves and bet on our fans to support the shows they want to see,” Kornfield said.

He added that their old material would not be siloed away behind a paywall.

“Look, we’ve done our drama once. I don’t want to do it again,” Kornfeld said.

“Our job now is to prove to people that we’re making stuff that is worth their time.”

“I hope that the thing we’re most known for hasn’t happened yet,” Habersberger said.