Trump Adviser Fired Up About 'Apprentice' N-Word Allegations

When a former “Apprentice” producer claimed Thursday that there’s a behind-the-scenes tape of Donald Trump using a racist slur, it got one of the former president’s top advisers all fired up.

In a story published by Slate, Bill Pruitt, a producer for the reality show’s first two seasons, said that long-standing rumors that Trump made racist remarks during production ― including asking “Would America buy a n****r winning?” ― were, in fact, true.

Many people on social media made hay of the story, including CNN contributor Bakari Sellers, who noted that “literally no one is surprised” about Pruitt’s allegations.

Sellers’ tweet raised the ire of Trump adviser Steven Cheung, who demanded that the CNN contributor “prove it, bitch.”

Cheung added: “You can’t, because it’s a fake and bullshit story your dumb ass is peddling because [President Joe] Biden is hemorrhaging support from Black Americans.”

Cheung’s tough-talking remark was savaged by a member of the Biden campaign’s rapid response team, who noted that “the Trump campaign’s response to the story about their boss using the N-word is to attack another black man.”

Others joined in on the mockery.