Travis Kelce Reveals ‘the Best Meal’ Mom Donna Kelce Ever Cooked

Travis Kelce is dishing on one of his favorite meals made by his mom, Donna "Mama" Kelce.

The Bachelor alum Matt James recently caught up with the Kansas City Chiefs tight end and immediately after exchanging welcoming introductions, the reality TV star got straight to it with a series of "rapid-fire food questions."

In the first of two prompts, the 32-year-old asked the NFL star: "What's the best meal Mom cooks for you?"

After pondering the question intently for a few moments, Kelce suggested the decision was a difficult one to make.

"I would probably have to say," he began before briefly pausing to think it over one last time, "some chicken noodle soup when I'm just not feeling great."

"That was my favorite one," the 34-year-old added with a smile.

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The three-time Super Bowl champ then spilled the beans on what he likes to cook as a "go-to date night meal," which he presumably makes with pop superstar girlfriend, Taylor Swift.

"I just recently found out how to make some home-cooked pasta," he shared. "Like some actual noodles, home-cooked and everything, so, I guess, just some noodles with some spicy lemon garlic shrimp."

"As you can tell, I don't cook," he laughed.

Fans were overjoyed by the candid nature of the clip–which was taken at the pro footballer's music festival, Kelce Jam–with one writing, "Travis seems so gracious 🤟🏼 #mamasboy."

"So what he means is Taylor taught him how to make pasta," another top-liked comment joked, echoing the sentiment of several other social media users.

"Doing the real work for us swifties!!" a different fan cheered. "It is appreciated."

For fans really curious about Kelce's diet, we've got the scoop on exactly what he eats before practice, the favorite childhood snack he still eats today, where he goes for brunch or to have "the best burger," and even his order from Red Lobster.

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