Surprising destination at the top of our post-iso travel bucket list

Kristine Tarbert
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

Despite some states in Australia beginning to ease a few social distancing restrictions, travel both domestically and internationally is still something that is currently off the cards.

But, while all we can do right now is get inspired and travel virtually, planning and researching that first post-isolation trip is something many of us have no doubt been doing.

We're all dreaming of that first trip after isolation. Photo: Getty

According to Expedia search data, there is an even split of interest amongst Aussies for both domestic and international destinations.

However, as international borders are likely to open at different times, exploring our own backyard and travelling domestically first will be the most likely scenario.

But you might be surprised to learn what Aussie destination has come out on top of our post-isolation bucket list for a trip at either the end of this year, if it ends up being possible, or sometime at the start of next year.

It turns out Queensland’s Gold Coast is the most researched destination, with Bali coming in as the most popular overseas trip.

A series of photos captured in early 2019 of Surfers Paradise and surrounding area.

“Looking at the end of the year, Expedia search data shows interest in tropical Aussie hotspots such as Whitsundays, Cairns and Port Douglas,” a spokesperson tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

“This could be an indication of Aussies seeking a holiday with plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy the warm sunny weather after being inside.”

When looking at destinations for the start of 2021, Aussies are being more hopeful towards international travel, with the seven out of the top ten destinations being overseas.

Top destinations Aussies are showing interest in

Searches for travel between 1 October – 31 December 2020

  1. Gold Coast

  2. Bali

  3. Sydney

  4. Sunshine Coast

  5. Oahu

  6. Melbourne

  7. New York

  8. Whitsunday

  9. Los Angeles

  10. Las Vegas

Oahu, Hawaii is the second most searched international destination for the end of this year. Photo: Getty

Searches for travel between 1 January – 28 February 2021

  1. Gold Coast

  2. Bali

  3. Sydney

  4. Oahu

  5. Melbourne

  6. Singapore

  7. Phuket

  8. Tokyo

  9. Las Vegas

  10. New York

New York is still one of the top destinations researched for travel next year. Photo: Getty

Top destinations Aussies are researching for travel between 1 October – 31 December 2020 - Domestic only

  1. Gold Coast

  2. Sydney

  3. Sunshine Coast

  4. Melbourne

  5. Whitsundays

  6. North Coast NSW

  7. Cairns

  8. Port Douglas

  9. Brisbane

Bali is consistently the top searched international destination for Aussies. Photo: Getty

Top destinations Aussies are researching for travel between 1 January – 28 February 2021 - International only

  1. Bali

  2. Oahu

  3. Singapore

  4. Phuket

  5. Tokyo

  6. Las Vegas

  7. New York

  8. Fiji

  9. Los Angeles

Los Angeles remains a popular destination. Photo: Getty

Data is based on search data on for the search dates of 1 – 23 April 2020, for the check-in dates of 1 October – 31 December 2020 and 1 January – 28 February 2021.  

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