Top fashion trends for 2021 you can nab for a bargain

While 2020 was all about comfort - think baggy clothes, activewear, and even pyjamas - as we resigned ourselves to working from home courtesy of the coronavirus pandemic, 2021 is set to be all about sharp shoulders, checkerboard prints, and bright totes.

Fashionista and media personality Tamara Wrigley has shared the trends she thinks will dominate the fashion world this year, and the best part is you don’t even have to spend a fortune with plenty of the key styles already on the racks of stores like Kmart, Big W and Target.

face masks
Looks like a 2020 staple is here to stay. Photos: Pinterest

Sharp shoulders

Think 80s power-dressing with a space-age twist. While Balmain and Balenciaga have showcased some fierce AF jackets, Kmart has some great oversized boyfriend and double-breasted blazers in fashionable terracotta, neutrals and gingham. A cinched-in waist will accentuate and elongate the legs.

Face masks

Unfortunately, masks are here to stay for the foreseeable future. While sleek black masks have been a staple on the runways, you can pick up black masks or a variety of prints from Cotton On in-store or online. When it comes to masks, anything goes really, as long as you are protecting yourself and your fellow countrymen and women.

A sewing room with custom face masks being created
A sewing room with custom face masks being created

‘Tea’ dresses

Yes, a bit of femininity at last! Whimsical pouffe-sleeved, slim-fitted billowy dresses with patterns that wouldn’t go amiss on a china teacup are the romance we all need in our lives right now. Target's Lily Loves has some floaty, soft-coloured frocks in a variety of styles, lengths and colours, that won't break the bank.

Lily Loves Tea dress from Target. Photo: Target
Lily Loves Tea dress from Target. Photo: Target


Checkerboard print

The Queen’s Gambit was one of 2020’s most-watched Netflix shows, lauded for its stunning couture and cinematograph – but the chessboard has inspired a whole range of outfits. Forget boring monochrome, checkerboard prints and patterns will be everywhere and in a multitude of colours. Check out the &Me linen blend orange gingham playsuit at Big W! And they say “blue and green should never be seen”, but after the year we’ve just had, the rules don’t apply in 2021. Checkmate? Yes, mate.

Photo: Big W
Photo: Big W

Baggy jeans

The 90’s called - they want their jeans back! Remembering these the first time round, they were paired with paisley shirts and Rimmel's Heather Shimmer lipstick - but the 2021 version isn’t as … ‘baggy’. Whether it’s high-waisted, boyish, boot cut or flared, baggy jeans are going to be BIG news this year, fashion favourite Zara is among the many brands to feature baggy jeans. This year, stone-wash and light denim will take a front seat compared to their darker counterpart. Long denim skirts are also back en vogue too.

Yellow bags

Canary? Marigold? Buttercup? Mustard? We’re talking serious sunshine hues when it comes to handbags, with everything from shimmering slinky lemon clutches to sunflower totes. Hell, we all deserve a bit of sunshine, and Kmart once again offers up the goods with a selection of cross body classics!

Kmart's Mock Suede Crossbody Bag
Kmart's Mock Suede Crossbody Bag is just $8. Photo: Kmart

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