The Top 8 Tarot Cards for Manifesting Your Heart’s Desires

8 Tarot Cards to Help You Manifest Your Dreams

Manifestation—a buzzy word that has recently become extra popular—can be understood as the ability to materialize a cherished goal or desire. We manifest all the time with our minds, inner dialogue, and the energy we put into the world. The ultimate manifestation tool is visualization, which employs specific images—this is where the Tarot comes into play! Since the dawn of time, mystics have turned to this ancient form of cartomancy to gain insight into the past, present, and future. And the influence of Tarot still holds today!

Many of us have turned to the Tarot in times of uncertainty or when we need guidance in making our most important decisions. However, the power of Tarot goes beyond just fortune-telling. The images in the Tarot are a symbolic map of consciousness, loaded with messages and symbolism that can help us manifest abundance, partnership, wealth, healing, strength, intellect, and protection. Below are eight Tarot cards that can help you manifest abundance, partnership, wealth, healing, strength, intellect, and protection.

8 Tarot Cards to Help You Manifest Your Dreams

Manifest Abundance With The Empress

This is the card to enlist as your BFF when beginning a new project, as it relates to the energy of “conception.” As you prepare to take the first steps in your endeavor, on a Friday night, light a green candle and begin connecting with this card. Stare at it and feel its presence. Imagine yourself embodying The Empress, walking in a lush garden, enjoying the fruits of your labor, and being surrounded by natural beauty. Since this is a Venus card, it is advised to repeat this visualization every Friday until your desired outcome manifests.

Call in Your Perfect Match With The Lovers

After drawing The Lovers card from your Tarot deck, focus on visually connecting with it. Envision yourself as one of the lovers in the card, making space for your ideal partner to manifest. Then, light two small red candles while reciting, "I call in my perfect match." While the candles burn, sit down to carefully list all the qualities you desire in your new partner. Ensure that your requests align with your true desires. Conclude the ritual with a simple "thank you" and repeat (ideally on Wednesdays) whenever you feel guided.

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Grow Your Wealth with the Nine of Pentacles

Featuring a high-class woman in luxurious attire, this card can assist in attracting wealth, success, and financial independence through patient, long-term work. Cultivate your inner financial strategist by welcoming this female archetype into your space. Before making any financial decisions, consult the card. Ask yourself: What would the Nine of Pentacles suggest? Await intuitive guidance or shuffle your Tarot deck and draw one or two cards.

Invite Healing Into Your Life With The Star

In the chronology of the Tarot, The Star card serves as a much-needed healing balm for the soul following the upheaval of The Tower. Symbolizing hope, inspiration, and renewal, it depicts eight stars, signifying a profound spiritual connection to the cosmos. Whether facing mental, emotional, or physical challenges, incorporating this card into your altar is certain to rejuvenate your hope and reaffirm that you are precisely where you need to be.

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Banish Something (Or Someone) With the Death Card

Many people fear its imagery, but the Death card can be a powerful ally when you truly wish for something to end. The key is to be 100% sure that you desire a certain person, thing, or situation cessation. Following a Full Moon, light a black candle and write the name of whatever you wish to banish from your life on the back of the card. After visualizing your desired outcome for several minutes, recite the mantra: “May you leave my life and never return,” and (safely) burn the card with the candle flame.

Manifest Courage with the Strength Card

Featuring a woman taming a lion, this card is your ally when facing situations that demand courage and patience. Place the Strength card before you in a quiet space, close your eyes, and take a few deep breaths. Once you feel centered, visualize a protective bubble surrounding you and the card. Then, imagine a beam of light connecting your heart to the card, allowing you to absorb the strength needed to overcome any obstacle. Your Strength card is now programmed; call on it whenever you need a reminder of your inner courage.

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Activate Your Luck with the Wheel of Fortune

As one of the most powerful cards in the entire Tarot, the Wheel of Fortune is one to invoke when significant changes are occurring in your life or when you've experienced a streak of bad luck. On a Sunday morning, after sitting down and clearing your mind, immerse yourself in the symbolism of this card and meditate on its meaning. Study it closely, connect with it, and once you feel prepared, close your eyes and visualize the wheel of universal luck turning in your favor. Repeat this meditation for the next six days.

Elevate Your Intellect With the Queen of Swords

The Queen of Swords is your ally when delineating your book, strategizing your podcast, or making unbiased decisions! As the discerning communicator of the Tarot, she can help balance emotions with intellect. Whenever you feel stuck, reach for this card and ask the Queen for guidance. After setting your intention, spend some time alone with her. Keep the card in your pocket as you walk, read a book, watch a movie, or engage in any activity that clears your mind. Pay attention to the messages that arise—they are communicated to you by the Queen of Swords through intuition, symbols, words, or images.

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