Tom Williams talks age gap with Dancing With The Stars partner

Former Dancing With the Stars champ Tom Williams is returning to the dance floor, 16 years after making his debut on the show.

The TV presenter, who quit work with Channel Seven in 2019 to become a real estate agent, is returning for the special all-stars season of the show alongside Ada Nicodemou and Fifi Box, who were also recently announced.

Tom Williams and his partner on Dancing With the Stars
Tom Williams is back for another season of Dancing With the Stars 16 years after winning the competition. Photo: Seven

Speaking with Nova's Fitzy and Wippa, Tom joked about the age gap between himself and his new dance partner Alexandra Vladimirov, who doesn't know many of the presenter's music references.

When asked what his "thing" is by Michael 'Wippa' Wipfli, Tom responded: "Well I’ll let you in on one little thing at the moment, what I’m doing right now is the tango and that’s hard. It’s gruelling, and my little partner – man she's got patience, because I am sketchy."


"I fired her over a couple of songs on the weekend because every dancer wants to know what a 50-year-old likes to listen to, right? I sent all these songs over to her, like 'Our Lips Are Sealed' by the Go-Go’s, one of the greatest girl bands of the 80s and she’s like, 'Yeah I’ve never heard that before, I’ll have to ask my mum!'"

Ryan 'Fitzy' Fitzgerald then revealed that Tom had called him for advice on keeping his knees in tip-top shape as they've "blown up like balloons" with all the dancing.

Tom Williams drinking a cocktail
Tom has found he and his new dancing partner aren't on the same wave length when it comes to music. Photo: Instagram/Tom Williams

"You know what he’s using on his knees? Zooper Doopers! And I’m like, 'I don’t reckon that’s enough!'" Fitzy said.

A confused Wippa asked if he meant the icy poles, to which Fitzy added, "Yeah, icy poles to ice his knees!"

"The Zooper Doopers’s are really good because you keep them in the pack and they just fold around your knee nicely," Tom explained.

Tom famously ripped his shirt off during his first time on Dancing With The Stars with Sarah McGilvray asking if he'll resort to doing the same thing to win again.

Alexandra Vladimirov taking a selfie
Tom joked that his dancing partner Alexandra Vladimirov had to ask her mum what some of his song suggestions were. Photo: Instagram/Alexandra Vladimirov

"Well that’s the thing, you’ve gotta get to the final to be able to do that right," Tom responded. "You’ve gotta get through the rounds to sort of get the great pleasure of being able to do that. That’s the hardest thing."

Sarah also asked whether it was difficult to get back into the dancing after 16 years with Tom calling the preparation "gruelling".

"Oh Sarah, it’s gruelling, it’s a total mind-bending experience and it's concentration like, there’s still a little part of my brain that’s good at doing it but it’s been asleep for 16 years. And now it’s going, 'Wow, wow are we going back to the party man?'" he joked.

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