Tom Gleeson's brutal dig at The Project hosts: ‘I’ve seen your ratings’

The hosts of The Project have been in the firing line from their guests this week.

They’ve been plagued with controversy for the past few months, with Tommy Little even taking a dig at the show on Monday night. And now, comedian Tom Gleeson has taken aim at the show over its viewership, while he was appearing as a guest on the panel.

The Gold Logie winner, who was on the primetime Channel 10 TV show to spruik his own show, Taskmasters Australia, joked that he was going to be super nice about all the hosts on the panel.

Tom Gleeson on The Project
Tom Gleeson has taken aim at The Project. Photo: Channel 10

“I’m loving the new Project. It’s great. I love it,” he said.

“What’s not to like about this show?”


He went on to call out each individual panelist, saying: “We’ve got Liz, a legend of Australian sports. Sarah Harris, who’s a natural on camera. I’ve always loved you. We’ve got Waleed, an intellectual with political opinions that are hard to pin down. We’ve got Sam who’s the best comedian of his generation. I’ve seen his act. It’s amazing.”

Waleed Aly and Sarah Harris
Walled and Sarah gave Tom a cheeky side glance after his jab. Photo: Channel 10

“To be honest, I only said it because I’ve seen your ratings, and I thought you needed a morale boost,” he finished.

The hosts saw the funny side of the joke, laughing along, with Waleed and Sarah giving Tom a cheeky side glance.

The Project 2023 panelists
The panelists laughed at Tom's joke. Photo: Channel 10

It comes just days after Tommy Little savaged the hosts when he appeared on the show.

Waleed introduced Tommy, saying: “The self-described d**khead of Aussie comedy is back. Please welcome a friend of the show, Tommy Little!”.

Quick-witted Tommy replied: “Oh god guys, it’s good to be back. What’s happened since I’ve been gone, nothing controversial I hope?”, sending the audience into stitches.

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