Toddler's hilariously inappropriate restaurant moment

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A slip of the tongue landed one set of parents in an embarrassing situation. Photo: Getty Images

A dad has shared a seriously embarrassing moment online after his toddler subjected an entire restaurant to a code-red nappy incident, but it’s not the type of toilet humour you might expect.

Toddlers are renowned for their lethal combination of brutal honesty and sweet indifference to social norms, and sometimes that results in a truly beautiful display of public humiliation for their doting parents.

That’s exactly what befell one hapless dad, who took to Facebook to share an incident that even the most experienced parent will cringe at.

The culprit? Huggies Pull-Ups and a two-year-old.

Exhibit A: The unexpected culprit at the centre of the contorversy. Photo: Supplied

“Thank you Huggies Pull-Ups® for one of the biggest and funniest embarrassments my wife and I have had in the past six years of parenting,” he wrote in the hilarious post.

He explained that though his son was thrilled with the new Toy Story pattern the brand had recently switched to, he and his wife were less than thrilled with the way their boy decided to announce the new threads to the crowded room.

“ son liked the change from Cars to promote the new Toy Story movie (he hated the Cars),” he wrote.

“However, him jumping up at dinner in a 90% full restaurant and screaming “I’ve got a Woody” and “look at my Woody”. was the last thing I’d thought my child would say (sic),” he went on.

In what would undoubtedly have been an extremely awkward pause afterwards, the dad had time to briefly reflect. “I would have been less surprised if he cursed again.”

Nobody wants to get into the birds and bees with their toddler, let alone try and broach the topic in front of a room full of shocked strangers, but this dad was able to see the funny side of the situation.

“Anyway, Pull-Ups, thanks for your clever marketing. You win this time,” he admitted.

The little boy's favourite character's name carries an unfortunate double meaning. Photo: Facebook

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