Today's Allison Langdon shuts down nude question live on air

Today show host Allison Langdon was forced to shut down co-host Karl Stefanovic and newsreader Alex Cullen after they asked her an extremely inappropriate question on live television.

During the breakfast program on Monday morning, the 41-year-old veteran journalist was left mortified when asked by Karl whether she slept naked.

today show nude question
Karl Stefanovic and newsreader Alex Cullen caused a stir on the breakfast program. Photo: Channel Nine

“Do you like getting your gear off?” Karl asked Ally, who was immediately put off by the line of questioning responding with a firm “No”.

But then Alex took it another step further asking: “Do you sleep naked, Ally?”

By then she had clearly had enough holding up her notes to try and shut down the conversation.

“Oh no, guys, absolutely not having this conversation,” she said, before Karl admitted he often goes nude.


“That's an image that no one needs on a Monday morning,” was all Ally could respond.

today show allison langdon
Allison Langdon tried to shut down the conversation. Photo: Channel Nine

The topic of being naked was clearly on Karl’s mind after he also reportedly promised a ‘nudie run’ should Donald Trump be re-elected as US President at the upcoming 2020 Elections.

“If he doesn't win I will run naked through Flinders Street station,” Karl said on Fox FM's FiFi, Fev and Byron show, the Herald Sun reported.

The promise wasn’t something people seemed too keen on, sharing their thoughts on social media.

“OMG does this guy ever miss a self-promotion opportunity. Why would ANYONE want to see Karl naked? Much less running at the same time...,” one person wrote on Twitter.

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