Today hosts can't contain laughter after rude double entendre

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Today host Karl Stefanovic was caught giggling like a teenage boy during Tuesday morning's program, after his co-host Allison Langdon accidentally made a slightly rude double entendre.

The seasoned presenter couldn't contain his laughter when Allison said she was "in a bit of a flap" - the term 'in a flap' is a phrase that means to be angry or unhappy, but the word 'flaps' is also a slang term for vagina.

"I've got to admit this morning I'm in a bit of a flap. Brookie's jumped ship!" Allison said.

Today's entertainment reporter Brooke Boney was in fact doing a live cross from the SBS headquarters in Sydney. But Karl seemed less concerned with her 'involvement' with a rival network, instead shooting a suspicious glance at someone off camera - before doubling over his desk in a fit of laughter.


At Karl's reaction, Ally herself couldn't resist a giggle before trying to get the segment back on track. The 41-year-old then repeated the fact Brooke was broadcasting from outside a rival TV station.

"You know, a bit of a flap? Brookie's not here and I didn't know why and then I see this shot of her - and what's going on? She's at SBS this morning," Allison said.

Brooke followed Ally's lead to make it seem they were laughing about her 'move'.

"Ally, I'm here [at SBS] for Eurovision. Please don't start any rumours. We don't need that sort of heat, sweetheart. Come on," Brooke said, ignoring the 'flaps' remark.

"I'm just here to vote on the songs. I can't say any more because I don't want us to get disqualified."

today show karl stefanovic laughing and brooke boney
Brooke Boney joined in the joke with Today hosts Karl and Ally. Photo: Channel Nine

Some viewers slammed the moment as "pathetic" saying both presenters should "have some class", while others on social media thought the light-hearted moment was "hilarious".

Karl similarly lost it at the desk last week, after Hollywood superstar Matt Damon took a live TV interview in the US from a local TAB.

Brooke Boney flagged the bizarre appearance on Channel Nine's morning program, joking about how Matt did his interview from one of our "finest establishments".

But Karl Stefanovic couldn't contain his laughter in the background, before saying: "He's at the TAB!".

Karl continued: "It was Budget night and he was at the TAB! He's a legend!"

With Ally adding, "Makes you love him even more doesn't it."

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