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Everyone’s obsessed with tiny bowls right now — shop the best ones from Williams Sonoma, Our Place and more

I’ll be the first to admit I’ve covered a lot of cooking gadgets, kitchen accessories, serving tools and even food over the years, but I never realized how much I’d simply love eating from a tiny bowl. Tiny bowls are smaller than the ones you use for cereal and the viral pasta bowls (aka “blates”) that people love on TikTok. In general, they hold less than 8 ounces of food. In the cooking world, people also call them pinch bowls. You’ve probably seen your favorite chef pinch a little salt or fresh seasoning from one to add to a recipe, right?

Quick overview

Well, those are tiny, and people on social media are kind of obsessed with eating from them now — me included. You can use them to serve condiments and dipping sauces, appetizers, snacks, ice cream and other small desserts.

Earlier this year, I purchased a set of Fable’s Little Bowls, admittedly on accident. I meant to purchase the standard cereal bowls but decided to keep the small bowls anyway, and I’m so glad I did. I use mine to eat yogurt parfaits in the morning, for sides of pasta salad at lunch and for serving sauces at dinnertime. Not only have they helped me better portion out some of my favorite snacks, but because they’re small, they feel easier to clean. I can just rinse them out to use them again later or put them in the dishwasher.

OK, tell me you aren’t reading this right now and thinking, “I need to get myself some tiny bowls.” If so, take a look below at some of the best and most popular options available to purchase on the internet ASAP.

Here are the tiny bowls I have and love! They come in a range of colors and hold up to 4 ounces. Each stoneware bowl is semi-matte and organically shaped. They're also dishwasher, microwave and even oven-safe up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit if you want to use one to warm up a mini dessert or melt cheese over a cup of soup.

$42 at Fable Home

Our Place is everyone's favorite internet-famous cookware brand, and its mini bowls are not to be missed. They're about one inch bigger than the Fable ones, and they have a scratch-resistant, glossy interior and a modern satin exterior. Of course, they're stackable and come in a range of colors, too. Our Place is great at making things for small spaces, and these mini bowls fit the bill.

$45 at Our Place

These colorful, vintage-inspired bowls from Anthropologie will add a pop of color to your table, from kelly green and lilac to denim blue. They're a little narrower than other bowls on this list if you're looking for something taller rather than wider — more like a cup. Anyways, one reviewer wrote that she purchased her second set after 10 or so years, so you could say they're pretty durable, too. "I've never treated them as precious, and yet they survived," she said.

$20 at Anthropologie

If you're looking for simple white tiny bowls, make it this set from Williams Sonoma. They're slightly larger than some of the other bowls on this list, but they're labeled as "snack bowls." They hold up to 8 ounces of food. They're the perfect in-between size if you're not ready for a really tiny bowl but want something smaller than the standard cereal bowl. Plus, they're white, so they'll go with any dish set, and you can't beat the price.

$20 at Williams Sonoma

You probably know Staub for its big Dutch ovens and cast iron pans, but it makes petite cookware, too. This set includes six stoneware mini bowls in a range of pastel colors inspired by French macarons. Bring a little French charm to your table or cabinet, and use them to serve ice cream, snacks, cookies and more. They have the largest capacity on this list at 12.8 ounces, but they're still smaller than your average dinner bowl. They're also slightly more expensive, but you're getting more bang for your buck.

$80 at Sur La Table

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