TikToker's bizarre 'egg salad' sandwich video sparks debate: 'Fully just trolling us'

Thousands have viewers have shared their outrage in the comments of the hilarious clip.

A video of a TikToker preparing egg salad sandwiches to take to a “nice” and “expensive” restaurant has gone viral on the app after thousands of viewers “ran” to the comments to debate the choice. The satirical post was shared by creator @joannamiss2 to her 44,000 followers and has since amassed more than 2 million views as TikTok users attempt to decipher its legitimacy.

“I’m going to my friend’s birthday party at a restaurant and I looked up the menu … I didn’t like anything that I saw on there so I’m going to bring my own dinner – egg salad sandwiches,” Joanna said in the opening of the video. “It’s a pretty nice restaurant but honestly, the prices are really expensive and it just didn’t look good, so I’m going to bring something that I know I’m going to love to eat.”

A TikToker has sparked outrage after sharing that she was bringing egg salad sandwiches to a nice restaurant: Photo: TikTok/@joannamiss2
A TikToker has sparked outrage after sharing that she was bringing egg salad sandwiches to a nice restaurant: Photo: TikTok/@joannamiss2

“I’m so excited for this party tonight, I’m saving my appetite for this,” she continued after demonstrating how to make the sandwich. “I’m going to put it in my purse.”


The TikToker has previously gone viral for her comedic ‘egg salad sandwich’ videos after receiving criticism for her love of the dish, with previous posts showing the sandwich making its way to the likes of the Bahamas and the cinema. Joanna has even filmed herself preparing egg salad sandwiches for her internet technician and removalists.

TikTok users express horror at controversial sandwich video

But the latest iteration of the sandwich saga has left viewers unfamiliar with her content confused and horrified.

“If anyone did this at a dinner with me I don’t know if I could be their friend,” one user commented, to which another replied stating “I’m right there with you, this would be a dealbreaker”.

“This makes you look very very tacky,” a third commenter chimed in. “Think about how goofy you’re going to look.”

“I would die of embarrassment,” another viewer wrote.

“I could never be friends with people like this,” said an equally unenthused commenter.

But other longtime followers were impressed by Joanna’s “commitment to the bit” with the controversial post.

“She’s fully just trolling us now,” one follower wrote, while another said “this is hilarious”.


“The amount of people who didn’t get the satire,” said a follower who appreciated the comedic value of the video.

Joanna is known for her food, lifestyle and travel content, and has previously revealed that she makes the controversially “unseasoned” egg salad sandwiches for her children who don’t like salt, pepper or mustard. She has confirmed in various comments that the videos are satirical.

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