TikTok mum-of-seven shocks followers with real age: 'Are you sure?'

A super fit TikTok mum-of-seven has revealed she is regularly mistaken for being one of her daughters, and her followers are constantly shocked when they find out her real age.

Jessica Enslow regularly features her eldest daughter Alyssa, 26, and her fourth child Lauren Kate, 18, in her TikTok clips, joking in one video that she's been "told to stop making TikToks because I'm pushing 50".

Jessica Enslow mum and daughter TikTok
Jessica Enslow regularly features her daughters Alyssa, 26, and Lauren Kate, 18. Photo: TikTok

But with a following of over 250K, the 46-year-old regularly gets hundreds of thousands of views on her videos, with plenty of her followers admitting they had thought she was one of the sisters.

"Looks like three sisters!", was one comment.

"Are you sure you're 46 years?" another asked, while a third asked: "But how do you look so young?"


In other videos, Jessica reveals how she was born in 1974, while her daughters were born in 1994 and 2002.

One fan wrote, "she looks maybe 30", and another said: "Mom??? NO way... I've said it before you look amazing for your age.

Jessica Enslow TikTok
She says people often think they are sisters. Photo: Instagram

It comes after another well-known TikTok mum, Taylor Paul, left her followers similarly confused about her real age, after going along with a joke that she was older than she looked.

The mum-of-two - who is actually 27 years old - started pranking her followers pretending to be 50 years old, and a recent clip where she 'revealed her age' left many people scratching their heads.

"I refuse to think that you're 50," one person commented.

"50??? What water are you drinking because I need some," was another shocked comment.

But some of her regular followers pointed out that she is in her 20s, and the other women in the clip are her two 'mum' friends.

According to a few comments, the '50 ruse' started off the back of a troll comment and Taylor just decided to roll with it.

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