'Not ok': Photo of pantry item sparks furious debate

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An innocent Facebook post about a woman's expertly organised pantry has stirred up a time-old debate about where to store a controversial food item — and no, this time we're not talking about tomato sauce.

The divisive discussion kicked off when Candice, a member of a cleaning and organisation-themed Facebook group, posted a snap of her freshly tidied and ordered pantry stores.

Eggs in pantry debate. Photo: Facebook.
This newly-organised pantry photo has sparked a debate online. Photo: Facebook.

"Pantry organising day!" she captured the pic, which has attracted 1.5k likes so far.

Her fellow organisation enthusiasts took to the comments section to rave over the neat rows of tinned tomatoes and beans, as well as the various spices and condiments that she'd corraled into white tubs.

"I need this level of organisation in my life!!" one fan gushed.

"This is the best pantry I've ever seen! Amazing clean products and so well sorted," added another.


Among the glowing praise, some Facebook users couldn't help but notice the two cartons of eggs on a shelf next to some rice cakes and apple cider vinegar.

"This is soothing my ocd. But the eggs not in the fridge is bit [cringe emoji]," wrote one.

"Great panty. Maybe the egg cartons are empty but eggs go off 7 times quicker at room temp compared to fridge," added another.

"Eggs in the pantry! This is NOT OK," exclaimed a third.

Others were quick to share their thoughts on storing eggs.

"Not fresh unwashed eggs which is what she said she has," one replied.

"Eggs last up to 4 weeks on the shelf up to 7 in fridge. Only need to be refrigerated if already refrigerated when you bought them," another piped up.

Closeup view of eggs in carton box on wooden table
Where do you keep your eggs at home? Fridge or pantry? Photo: Getty Images.

Storing eggs: fridge or pantry?

Wherever you choose to store your eggs, Australian Eggs recommend following a simple rule of thumb. If your eggs were purchased cold, from the refrigerated aisle of the supermarket, keep them in the fridge at home.

If you bought room-temperature eggs off the shelf, say at a farmer's market, then it's ok to store them in the pantry.

"If the eggs have been bought unrefrigerated, it is okay to keep them at room temperature when you get home," they say. "However, the eggs will last longer if they are stored in the fridge."

Keeping them in the fridge inhibits the growth of many bacteria and means eggs can be kept for up to six weeks — but always check the best before date.

"If they have been bought refrigerated, it is important to put them back into a fridge as soon as possible after purchasing. Variation in temperature can cause the eggs to sweat and it is in these conditions that bacteria are more likely to grow."

Advocates of pantry storage say it prevents eggs, which have a porous shell, from taking on the odour of other foods in the fridge. To combat this, Australian Eggs recommends keeping eggs inside the cardboard containers you buy them in.

"Cartons reduce water loss and protect flavours from other foods being absorbed into the eggs," they say, "Storing eggs loose or in specially designed sections of the refrigerator is not recommended as this also exposes eggs to greater risk of damage."

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