Game-changing Christmas tree lights hack people are loving: 'Genius'

It's December 1st people which means if you haven't yet put your Christmas tree up yet, today is the perfect day to do it.

And when it comes to making the process as stress-free and simple as possible plenty of people have been sharing some hacks to make your decorating-life easier on TikTok.

TikTok christmas tree hack
This woman spreads her lights from left to right working her way up. Photo: TikTok

Specifically, tips around decorating your Christmas tree have been going viral, with some TikTok users sharing a way to put lights on your tree, without getting tangled while trying to wrap them all the way around.

"Christmas hack I didn’t know!" one woman posted, along with a mind blown emoji, showing how she recently learned to put her lights on a different way.

"This is a Christmas hack I learned last year that has changed the way I put my lights on the tree," she continued, showing how starting at the bottom she placed the lights from left to right along the front section, working her way to the top of the tree.

She also clarified in the comments that she then continues the same process on each side and the back until the whole tree is filled.

"I always thought I was lazy for doing this but now it turns out I'm genius," one person commented.


Another TikTok user showed how she hung her lights vertically from top to bottom, before tucking the wires into the tree so they become hidden.

Christmas tree light hack on TikTok
Another option is to hang your lights vertically. Photo: TikTok

Of course, if you've had your tree up since October then you'll already be sorted, but maybe these hacks are options to try something else for next year?

It comes after one Kmart shopper sparked a heated debate on Facebook a few months ago, when she took to a popular Kmart decor group this week asking: "Curious as to when everyone starts putting up Christmas decor?"

The post sparked hundreds of comments from people debating when the right time was, with some even admitting they don't take their decorations down at all.

Plenty of people were all for putting things up first thing in November.

"As soon as I've packed up my Halloween decorations," one person mused.

"1st of November because I can’t help myself and refuse to accept the idea that Christmas decorations only get to be up for 1 month," another agreed.

Others said December 1 was the day - or at least within the month of December - with some even claiming it's bad luck to put things up any earlier.

"1st December. I was always taught it was bad luck to put it up earlier and to take it down after Jan 1," one person commented.

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