TikTokers discover genius way to keep flies away from food outside

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KIOIPO Fly Repellent Fan, $41.53.
The KIOIPO Fly Repellent Fan, $41.53 will keep flies away from food so you can eat in peace. Credit: Amazon

Eating outside is one of life's simple pleasures. As warmer days arrive, it's great to be able to sit in the garden, on your balcony, or in a park and enjoy a picnic. 

But annoying flies buzzing around can turn a pleasant picnic in to a stressful, food-saving venture. 

Thankfully a TikTok user has discovered a handy way to keep flies at bay - with the KIOIPO Fly Repellent Fan, $41.53.

KIOIPO Fly Repellent Fan, $41.53
The KIOIPO Fly Repellent Fan, $41.53 easily keeps flies and mosquitoes away from food. Credit: Amazon

The small battery operated device has three blades, which have tiny coloured dots on them. When the blades move, the flies are frightened by the dots, and stay away. 

It has soft-stop blades which come to a stop if touched by people or pets, then restart automatically. On TikTok, they take it to another level, using three fans at a time.

Light-weight and odour-free, the fan sits easily on a table next to food, to keep mosquitos and other annoying insects away from plates and people. 

People who've bought it say a fly-free meal is definitely worth the cash. "Very effective," says one buyer. "Makes a huge difference," says another. 


If you're thinking about alternative fly repeller options, the Free Fly Repellent, $18.99 from Catch.com.au is a great choice. 

It has soft-stop blades, making it safe to use around children. Easily portable, it can be used anywhere in the house or outdoors. It's made from plastic, but comes in a chic stainless steel colour. 

Free Fly Repellent, $18.99 from Catch.com.au

These jumbo sized mesh food covers, $24.95, from Matt Blatt, work brilliantly to cover food and keep it away from flies. 

Unlike the usual dome-shaped covers, the sides of these mesh covers extend straight up, so you can put large cakes, bowls or serving dishes underneath. At 1.3m long, and 65cm wide, it will cover big tables and lots of food. 

jumbo sized mesh food covers, $24.95 from Matt Blatt

The EnviroSafeTM Fly Trap, $13.95, is a good option to catch flies before they reach the dining table.

It's essentially a fly trap which is designed to catch a wide range of Aussie flies. Each trap comes with eco bait, which is a highly effective, non-toxic bait that is irresistible to flies. It attracts them into the trap, where they stay. 

Pesticide-free, recyclable and made from food-grade ingredients, it's great for areas that naturally attract lots of flies. Refills are available to buy separately.

The EnviroSafeTM Fly Trap, $13.95
The EnviroSafeTM Fly Trap, $13.95. Credit: Doorstep Organics

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