TikTok psychic medium answers 5 burning questions

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Have you ever wondered how a psychic can predict your future, your past and communicate messages from loved ones?

Whether you're a sceptic or not, people are fascinated by these certain intuitive abilities that seem to tell you more details about yourself and what's to come in life.

For those believers, and non-believers, we have asked a psychic our five burning questions, with Australia's number one TikTok psychic medium Cael O'Donnell, who has just released his book Three Minutes with Spirit, explaining what it means to be a psychic medium and how he taps into his abilities.

How did you find out that you have these abilities?

That's a great question. I feel like we have a lot of work to do in the intuitive space to break down the stigmas that there are elevated people, that there are elevated psychics, that there are, you know, all these people out there that have gifts and that we should give them respect straight away. I feel as though we're all gifted, we all have the ability, because we're all spirits, to tap into the intuitive space. Some of us can, you know when you're sitting in a car and you think of a song and it just comes on? That's called intuition. That's a minor level of intuition you're operating in.

You know how there's the Beyoncés of the world, then there are those that finished drama class and now they think they're singers? That's what we have in this industry. We have people who have great voices that can connect with spirit really easily, but all of us can sing. We can all sing in the shower, so we all have this intuitive ability, and some of us have been chosen by God or spirit or whatever you want to call it to do the work that's going to change lives. Nobody is extra special with gifts because we all have this intuition.

TikTok psychic medium Cael O'Donnell speaks to Yahoo Lifestyle Australia.
TikTok psychic medium Cael O'Donnell answers our burning questions. Source: Yahoo Lifestyle Australia

Is there a way you can hone in on and train your intuition?

I think that you can have a developer or a coach that can develop your gift with you. But I do believe that you can do it yourself. You can just start to test yourself and start to be open to that space and information that you're receiving out there. When you think of a friend and they call you, that's just one level of intuition, so pick up on those small little phenomenons throughout the day and that's where people start to see their gift.

Do you have your abilities all the time, or can you turn it on and off?

So I do feel as though I have the ability to turn it on and off when I need it. So during the day, I'm not walking around the street going, "Oh my God, there's a nana over there, and somebody has passed away over there", it's just when you set your intention and focus on it. You can focus on it when you need to. You can live a normal life, but other times you just hone in when you need to and you're like, "Oh, I want to go give that person a reading", because you feel the need to.

Are you psychic to yourself?

I see psychics. So for me, I feel as though the gift is to share with the world, but not really me. I do pick up certain intuition, but you know how you can double-guess yourself? Am I really picking that up? Or am I being overambitious? So for me, I need the validation from another psychic to say if I am picking up on the right stuff here, or if I am just trying to be overambitious and telling myself I'm going to do this. To go and see another psychic, you really get the mystical feelings, like, how did they know that?

How do you respond to people who are sceptical?

We're all sceptical. We all start as sceptics and are different levels of sceptics – some are more convinced than others. I encourage scepticism because I started out as a sceptic myself. I think that I'm not really in the world to try and prove to sceptics, I am here to bring hope and if somebody is converted along the way, great.

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