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Tick off your Europe travel bucket list with Topdeck

Planning a big trip to Europe can be exciting but also overwhelming.

Pretty much anywhere outside of Australia requires plenty of planning if you want to visit multiple destinations in one trip, and that's just booking connecting flights.

If you're suffering from severe FOMO after seeing European vacations all over your social media feeds but don't know where to start when it comes to planning your own holiday, Topdeck has you covered.

A woman on a Europe vacation stands on a bridge looking out over the waterways of Venice
Topdeck offers extraordinary ways to see Europe's most spectacular destinations. Photo: Getty

Holiday mode

Topdeck offers pre-planned trips around the world to suit a variety of travelling styles from 11 to 49 days, making them a great option for individuals, couples and small groups.

"Supercharged" by Trip Leaders, each holiday is designed to give you the most enriching experience, from the fast-paced Play and Pause trip jumping through Europe's major cities to a slower experience in Delve Deep, spending more time in select areas to immerse yourself in the culture.

There's a wide range of travel styles to take you through Europe's best destinations, and Topdeck will help you get there.

Oh, and they're currently offering up to 20% off selected trips.

Aperol spritz at the ready.


Play and pause

If you're up for a fun and fast-paced holiday and don't want to miss a thing, the Play and Pause trips are made for you.

Previously called Essential Europe, the Play and Pause holidays combine the perfect mix of group activities and free time in must-see destinations throughout Europe.

One of the most popular, Play and Pause: Intro to Europe offers a 13-day exploration through seven cities and six countries, visiting London, Paris, Lucerne, Florence, Rome, Venice, Munich, Heidelberg, and Amsterdam.

From $4,069 you and your group of like-minded travellers will be taken on scenic tours absorbing cultural information, local tips and recommendations, and unforgettable experiences like a gondola ride through historic Venice.

You'll also have the option of adding more activities like a Parisian cabaret show, a bike ride through Amsterdam, or a guided tour of the Vatican City, to name just a few.

Delve deeper

From $2,749, the Delve Deeper groups allow a more immersive experience with a smaller group of around 12 people to connect with.

Also expanding over 13 days, the Delve Deep holiday package is offered through stunning destinations like Turkey, Iceland, France, Italy, the Greek Islands, Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

A popular Delve Deeper exploration is through Spain, Portugal and Morroco where travellers are able to take in the scenery through a stunning boat ride along the Albufeira lagoon and Flamenco show with dinner in Seville.

Stretching over three countries, two continents and one electrifying trip through Iberia, this trip is full of extraordinary architecture, lots of Sangria, exotic spices and incredible accommodation in a Moroccan riad.

Go big or go home

If you're after the big once-in-a-lifetime trip, Get Social trips start at 14 nights and reach up to 49 nights travelling through as many as 18 countries and 36 cities.

Lasting over a month, the Get Social: Mega European holiday is just that.

You'll visit pretty much every well-known city from London down through the Mediterranean, across the Balkan cities and into Eastern Europe before spitting out in the northern area of Amsterdam, where you'll well and truly have enough stories to get you through your lifetime.

Topdeck's Swim and Sail boat on Croatia's bright blue ocean.
Croatia's Swim and Sail holiday includes en-suite bathrooms and a three-course lunch every day as you glide across the pristine blue waters. Source: Topdeck

In the summer months, jump aboard the Sail and Swim holidays taking you through the glistening waters of the Mediterranean like the cult Croatia Plus trip, pinballing from Split to Dubrovnik with breath-taking stops along the way.

The 'plus' in this holiday gets you a bigger room with en suite, hairdryers, fresh linen, towel changes and hot buffet breakfasts with three-course, fresh-cooked lunches.

From A$2,499 per person for eight days of bliss, we think it's well worth it.

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