Three palace aides walk out within six months of Harry marrying Meghan

Eliza Velk
Junior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

Things are looking a little worrying for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle after news has come that the pair has lost their third close palace aide within six months since their royal wedding in May.

The most recent aide to quit her palace role is Meghan’s personal assistant, Melissa. 

The news of her departure has reportedly rocked the royal office with a source confirming to the Daily Mail, it was a “real shock”.

“Why would she want to leave such a prestigious job so soon?” they questioned further.

Meghan Markle’s personal assistant Melissa has announced she is stepping down from the role, which will be the third palace aide to stop serving the royal couple in six months. Source: Getty

While Kensington Palace has declined to comment on the reports, the insider did pay tribute to the PA.

“Melissa is a hugely talented person,” the source says. “She played a pivotal role in the success of the Royal Wedding and will be missed by everyone in the Royal Household.”

However, Melissa isn’t the only one choosing to step down from her position – the royal couple’s private secretary Samantha Cohen is also preparing to quit her role. 

Deemed one of the Queen’s “most trusted” staffers, the 49-year-old Aussie was transferred from Buckingham Palace to Kensington where the newlyweds reside to assist Meghan with her royal duties.

It’s believed she was hand-picked for the role of introducing Meghan to the guidelines and protocols of being a royal family member and helping her transition into her title as Duchess of Sussex.

Samantha Cohen (behind) who was chosen by the Queen to guide Meghan Markle into royal life is also reported to be stepping down. Source: Getty

These two resignations follow on from that of Edward Lane Fox who was essentially Harry’s “right-hand man,” before his recent departure after 15 years in the role.

According to an insider it’s starting to become an alarming trend that isn’t reflecting too well on the royal couple who have just returned from their Australian tour. 

“To lose one member of the household could happen to anyone. To lose three in a few months is starting to look like a stampede.”

It’s becoming an alarming trend for the royal couple. Source: Getty

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