If You Thought You Found "The One" Only To End Up Single Again, Tell Us What Happened

It sucks to learn the person you thought was "the one" actually isn't — but it happens.

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So tell us: If you've ever been in a relationship that you thought would be forever, only to wind up single again, what occurred?

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Maybe you kind of rushed the relationship in the beginning, and once the novelty wore off, you realized that person was fundamentally different from you.

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Maybe there was betrayal in your relationship, forcing you or your partner to leave, knowing the one that was truly for you would never do something so damaging and hurtful.

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Maybe you were in a situation where things were great. You two were simply clicking more on a friend level than romantic partners.

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There's also the possibility that you lost your partner and found yourself unexpectedly single.

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Whatever it is, we'd like to know your story. Tell us in the comments for a chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!