Thomas Keller's Zucchini Is the Ultimate Summer Recipe Hack

Thomas Keller, renowned chef and restaurateur, is famous for his Michelin-starred restaurants in America like The French Laundry and Per Se. Now, he's made his mark for his super simple summer zucchini hack. His scoring and roasting technique is so foolproof and delicious that you'll most likely never make zucchini another way again—it's that life-changing. I know because I’ve tried it and I'm never preparing zucchini any other way again!

If you’ve ever grown your own zucchini, you know how quickly it reproduces and how frantically you struggle to find new ways to prepare it, but that's all about to end now that you know about Thomas Keller's zucchini technique.

Thomas Keller Zucchini<p>Theresa Greco</p>
Thomas Keller Zucchini

Theresa Greco

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What is Thomas Keller's Viral Zucchini Recipe?

This innovative way to prepare zucchini quickly went viral since it's something ridiculously simple to make, but looks (and tastes) like something you would find at a 5-star restaurant. I saw it for the first time on Instagram but it wasn't until I found out that Keller made the recipe as part of a MasterClass series that I knew I was going to love it. Don't just take my word for it though...this is the ultimate summer dish you need to try for yourself.

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What Sets Keller’s Technique Apart From Other Ways of Preparing Zucchini?

Keller’s zucchini roasting technique involves scoring the tubular vegetable, in advance of cooking, to allow the zucchini to absorb extra flavor. The cooking process itself starts with a five-minute pan-fry which is needed to keep the zucchini crispy and full of flavor. Step two is 25 minutes of roasting in a high-heat oven to assist in breaking down the vegetable. The whole method is completed in under 30 mins with the majority of that time being completely hands-off. As he shared with MasterClass, "You'll know this dish is done when the zucchini is completely tender, rather than when your oven timer goes off."

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Ingredients Needed

Requiring only three ingredients makes this dish crazy easy (and cheap):

  • Zucchini

  • Oil

  • Salt

Once the zucchini is prepared, there are a number of ways you can serve it. You'll see on Instagram that @hungryforhistory tops her dish with pico de gallo:

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Another delicious idea is to top the cooked squash with chopped basil, minced garlic and tomatoes to give it an Italian twist. I also like Keller's Sauce Vierge, which is how I show it here. Once you've mastered cooking the zucchini, the ways to serve it are endless.

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How To Make Keller's Viral Zucchini Recipe

1. Cut your zucchini in half and score.

Scored Zucchini<p>Theresa Greco</p>
Scored Zucchini

Theresa Greco

2. Salt the zucchini and let rest for 10-15 minutes. Squeeze excess water from the zucchini.

Squeeze out the water<p>Theresa Greco</p>
Squeeze out the water

Theresa Greco

3. Heat oil in a large fry pan and cook zucchini scored side down for five minutes.

Pan Frying Zucchini <p>Theresa Greco</p>
Pan Frying Zucchini

Theresa Greco

4.  Immediately place the pan in a 450°F oven to roast for approximately 25 minutes or until the zucchini is completely soft.

Placing zucchini into the oven<p>Theresa Greco</p>
Placing zucchini into the oven

Theresa Greco

5. Top with Sauce Vierge, pico de gallo or salsa and enjoy!

Final plated Thomas Keller's Zucchini<p>Theresa Greco</p>
Final plated Thomas Keller's Zucchini

Theresa Greco

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What To Eat with Thomas Keller's Viral Zucchini

This zucchini side dish is definitely going to be the star of all my summer BBQs. It will be perfectly served alongside my Italian sausage burger or this loaded corned beef burger. Although a bit greasy from the pan-frying, the tender texture can't be beaten. This is truly melt-n-your-mouth zucchini.

Final topped Thomas Keller Zucchini <p>Theresa Greco</p>
Final topped Thomas Keller Zucchini

Theresa Greco

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