This must-have pantry staple costs less than $2

It works in so many ways and costs next to nothing.

Cooking has long been one of my passions. I love trying new recipes and hosting elaborate lunches or dinners for my nearest and dearest or simply making a nice meal for my partner and I to enjoy together for a 'date-night at home' kind of vibe.

Lately though, with the demands of full-time work, looming house renovations and a rather demanding two-year-old...I just cannot be arsed! Quick, simple and delicious is the goal at the moment and there is one little ingredient that I find myself turning to when it comes time to make dinner - and that is a sachet of taco seasoning from Woolies.

The Woolies brand taco seasoning is a hit in my house. Credit: Woolworths
The Woolies brand taco seasoning is a hit in my house. Credit: Woolworths

At just $1.45 (l swear they used to only be 80c but I guess that's the cost of living crisis for you) these little packets of powdery goodness work for so many different dishes - well beyond a good old Taco Tuesday sesh.


Try adding it to breadcrumbs or crushed cornflakes before coating your chicken schnitzels and throwing them in the air fryer, or using it as a dry rub over pork or brisket before popping it into the slow cooker. If you're in need of the ultimate cheat day, add it to the cheese sauce of your mac n cheese and then see if you can stop thinking about how amazing it tastes - I dare you! Even my son, who would surely win gold if throwing food were an Olympic sport, seemed to find little to complain about with it (although he still gave a couple of tiny fistfuls to the dog).

Another surprising way I found to use seasoning was in a frittata I made in an attempt to use up a few ingredients that were in danger of languishing in the fridge. It worked a treat - so much so that I apparently felt compelled to take the below photo in an attempt to be some sort of fairweather food influencer.

I'm embarrassed I took this pic but the frittata was the shiz. Credit: Supplied
I'm embarrassed I took this pic but the frittata was the shiz. Credit: Supplied

And, of course, it works perfectly in any Mexican-inspired dish like this keto-friendly burrito bowl with cauliflower rice that is in permanent rotation in our house. Or you can add it to the batter the next time you make Baja fish tacos (another of my favourites) to give those crispy, craving-inducing bad boys a little kick.

It turns out I'm not the only one who is a fan of this not-so-secret ingredient. A quick look at the Woolies website shows that other shoppers are adding it to their carts.

"Great versatile seasoning," one person wrote. "This seasoning mix is a regular in our house. Not only great for tacos and nachos and sometimes even chilli con carne, we have also used a part packet to combine with oil and season potato chips cooked on the bbq. great product."

Me: **Makes note of potato chip hack and vows to try it ASAP**

"Best Taco Seasoning," another added. "I find this the best Taco seasoning, it's the cheapest and the taste is great."


"Great flavour," another shopper said. "The kids love this, the level of spice is just right."

So, there you have it. Next time you are exhausted, uninspired and wondering 'WTF am I supposed to cook?' Reach for this cheap and handy little pantry staple and you and your tastebuds can thank me later.

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