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This lightweight $9 grabber tool 'picks up tiny objects and heavy items with ease'

The highly-rated FiPlus PowerGrip T9 Grabber Tool has over 32,000 fans and can help prevent painful straining.

For anyone with conditions like arthritis or limited mobility in general, seemingly "simple" tasks like getting a jar out of the pantry can be a struggle. But thousands of shoppers have found a helping hand — literally! — in the FiPlus PowerGrip T9 Grabber Tool. This clever device, which looks like a long claw with a handle, acts like an extension of your arm to better access small items while helping to reduce the strain that comes from bending and reaching. Oh, and you'll pay just $9 for this grabber tool at Amazon.

In need of a pick-me-up? This handy extension claw will do the trick.

$9 at Amazon

So, how does this popular picker-upper work? All you do is pull the lever on the handle and the claws will close around the item you need to pick up. Now you'll be able to play a real-life version of the claw machine game, only without the disappointment of a stuffed animal slipping out of its grasp.

Speaking of slipping, this claw has texturized rubber ends for a more secure grip, as well as a magnet on one end to make picking up certain metal objects even easier. (The arcade versions should have this!) The sturdy metal bar was designed with longtime use in mind, and conveniently folds down to a compact 16 inches for easy storage. It also extends out to 32 inches to help you reach items high and low.

From picking up trash in the yard to lifting up items stored on shelves in your garage, kitchen and beyond, the FiPlus grabber tool is here to make everyday tasks a heck of a lot easier.

hand holding using the grabber tool to lift a can on a yellow background
Everything is in reach when you have this nifty grabber tool at the ready. (Amazon)

Still not convinced this grabber tool belongs in your cart? Take it from the more than 32,0000 Amazon customers who have already given it a perfect five-star rating.

"Best pick-up tool I've ever had," raved one septuagenarian. "I'm 76 and just don't bend like I used to. This tool is very helpful. I've bought the cheap ones, but no more. This is built very well and can pick up fairly heavy items. I like it!"

"I have really bad arthritis in my hands and I can't bend over due to a spinal injury," shared a fellow fan. "I've owned so many grabbers and they are all in the trash now. ... This is one that really stands out! It works on even the smallest things. It's lightweight and I love knowing that whatever needs to be picked up, I have a tool that will give me no problem. I've even picked up a postage stamp with this."

"I’m in my sixties with a bad back, and this little device is just what I needed," declared a third shopper. "Bending over is very tough on my back. Now I can pick up the dog toys with ease! Bought one for my daughter who is pregnant ... Now she can pick up after her one-year-old without bending over! Love it!"

Some buyers did have the same note as this otherwise-satisfied user. "Only downside ... is it doesn't have a lock to hold without squeezing the handle," they wrote. "Beyond that, it's great.

"My only minor complaint is the grips," said a final reviewer. "They aren't as ergonomic as I'd like. But I think it depends on the individual. I'd rather have no finger indents so I can grip the way my hand naturally holds the handle. Once again, very minor."

Say goodbye to the burden of bending. 

$10 at Amazon

Another strain-reducing tool Amazon shoppers swear by? The top-rated BackEZ, which makes tasks like gardening, shoveling and raking a whole lot easier.

This extra handle snaps onto the shaft of gardening tools, rakes and shovels to give you better leverage, keep you from crouching and help protect you from straining.

"Easy to attach, lightweight, sturdy, comfortable to hold," wrote a fan. "Extremely helpful when trying to hold long-handled lawn and garden tools or brooms, especially when arthritis prevents your wrists from bending normally. A real game-changer!"

$10 at Amazon

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