This iPhone hack can save your life

Rebekah Scanlan

If you've ever found yourself battling for the buttons on your phone with your hands full, you'll know just how handy Siri can be.

But did you know the personal assistant built into your mobile could actually save your life? No, neither did we.

The voice activated help system is commonly used to set reminders, source information and even book a table at your fave restaurant, but few people know the clever computer can also call the emergency services with the command of a few words.

A social media craze has inadvertently identified an incredible iPhone hack that can save lives. Source: Getty

You can even use this feature in scenarios where you are unable to touch your phone if you have an iPhone that opens Siri with the voice command 'Hey Siri'.

All you have to do is say one of a number of phrases and Siri will automatically dial emergency services - but we recommend you don't try this unless you're in a real emergency as it will call 000 and divert resources away from real life or death situations.

After saying 'Hey Siri', instructing her to call 000, 112, 110, 999 and the US number 911 will all result in your phone dialling for help. Saying, "call emergency services” also does the trick too.

A simple instruction will call triple-0 for you, or whatever the local emergency services are. Source: Supplied

Unfortunately, some people gave been misusing the hack in an awful prank where people are being told to say the number 108 into their phones and see what happens.

The unsuspecting users then discover their Apple devices are calling their local emergency services because 108 is the Indian equivalent of triple-0 in Australia, so don't fall for that.

We obviously don't condone wasting the valuable time of our first responders or taking part in the reckless social media pranks.

Most of us had no idea Siri was so helpful. Source: Getty

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