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This bestselling clear stadium bag will help you breeze through security, and it's on sale for $8

Festival season is upon us — and in all likelihood you've got some concerts and sporting events planned for this summer. Word to the wise: A roomy clear bag is a must if you want to get through the turnstile at an arena or stadium. And there's one that stands above the rest: Bagail's Clear Stadium Approved Tote, on sale for $8 at Amazon.

Thick, durable vinyl and a handy top zipper ensure that you'll be through security and in your seat faster than you can say, "First beer's on me." Carry it like a tote or sling it over your shoulder.

$8 at Amazon

Currently 20% off, this bag is truly worth every penny for all of the hassle it'll save you at events. Forget having to leave your essentials at home or checking your all your stuff at a long security line — the Bagail is your ticket to a stress-free outing.

If you've attended a game or concert in a stadium or arena in the last few years, then you're well aware of the clear-bag policy most venues have adopted. To reduce security risks, clear bags are often the only way you can bring your essentials into a venue.

This one is super-roomy, so you can comfortably keep personal items such as a wallet, phone, hand sanitizer and umbrella close by. It has an adjustable strap and it's constructed with 0.4-millimeter-thick vinyl, so it's not flimsy and it'll keep your items dry if you get caught in the rain.

Black and pink clear shoulder stadium bags
You may not be "with the band," but you'll breeze through security as though you were. (Amazon)

We aren't the only fans of this bag. More than 18,000 shoppers rave about it and have given it 5-star ratings — oh, and 10,000-plus have been bought in the last month alone.

"Carried everything and cleared security!" shared a rave reviewer. "I could carry my wallet, two plastic water bottles, snacks (including a big popcorn bag) and an extra pair of shoes! The zip was perfect and it sat on the ground really well, despite my lack of organization inside!"

"Great bag for game day!" declared this superfan. "You can even put a full-size NFL ball inside for autographs or four smaller balls, which I did. The strap is adjustable, and even as a large man, it worked as a cross-body. I liked the zippered top feature, which will help keep your stuff dry as it did when we had a slight rain ... No problems getting through game day security at the stadium."

Said this shopper: "I work in a place that requires see-through bags for security reasons, and I have to carry a number of items for work, plus I take drinks and food. I haven't found a bag that would hold all that for long, until now ... I don't generally like buying plastic anything, but when I have to, I don't want it to be flimsy and disposable: I want it to last. This fits the bill."

"These clear tote bags are a game changer for concerts and stadium events," another wrote. "Not only do they meet the size requirements for venues with clear-bag policies, but they also have a zipper closure that protects your belongings from rain and pickpockets. It's such a relief to have that added security, especially when you're in a crowded event."

While fans couldn't find many deal-breakers, one reviewer pointed out: "It is fairly bendy, so be careful how you store it; otherwise, you'll get hard creases in it that just won't be undone."

Another shopper said it "was durable throughout a beach vacation and music festival. Major downside — and probably just a general concern due to the material — when I left this in the sun it turned into an oven so hot my phone was giving me heat alerts."

There are 11 color accents to choose from, but whichever you choose, your belongings will be in full view.

$8 at Amazon

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