“I Just Went Along With It”: A Resurfaced Interview Has Reminded People That Donald Trump Once Apparently Thought Christian Bale Was Actually Bruce Wayne

A resurfaced interview has reminded fans of Christian Bale’s confusing encounter with former president Donald Trump while shooting The Dark Knight Rises.

Christian Bale smiles while wearing a dark suit at a formal event
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As I’m sure you know, Christian famously starred as Batman/Bruce Wayne in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy, which started with Batman Begins in 2005, followed by The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises in 2008 and 2012.

Christian Bale stands with arms crossed in front of a Batman suit display in a high-tech room in a scene from Batman Begins
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The three movies are set in the fictional city of Gotham and were shot in many different locations worldwide. In 2011, filming for The Dark Knight Rises took the cast and crew to New York City, where they shot scenes in the lobby of Trump Tower — which was used as the backdrop for the main entrance to Wayne Enterprises’ headquarters.

People walking outside Trump Tower with its name prominently displayed above the entrance
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Of course, this was years before Trump’s pivot to politics, and while filming was underway, he invited Christian up to his office, where it sounds like things may have gotten a little confusing.

Donald Trump speaks at an event with a microphone, wearing a dark suit
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Christian shared his recollection of these events for the first time in 2018, telling Variety that throughout their interaction, the future president talked to him as if he was actually speaking to Bruce Wayne.

Morgan Freeman in a plaid suit with bow tie stands next to Christian Bale in a suit and tie in an industrial setting in a scene from the Batman trilogy


In the replies, people attempted to imagine what the interaction may have sounded like — and they certainly got creative.

Christian Bale in a robe and Michael Caine in a cardigan stand in an ornate room with patterned floors and intricate wall designs

Others wondered if Trump realized that Christian isn’t even American, or what it might have been like if he’d met him while he was shooting a different one of his movies.

Christian Bale in a dark suit with a tie, posing confidently in an office setting in a scene from American Pyscho

All in all, people found the whole thing pretty fun, and many praised Christian for deciding to go along with it — a true Oscar-winner, indeed.

Closeup of Christian Bale on the red carpet
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Speaking to Variety about the run-in back in 2018, Christian confessed he had “no idea” that the man who talked to him as if he was a fictional comic book character might one day “think about running for president.”

“And here we are,” he said.

“And here we are,” he said.

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Well, the big question is: Have Ben Affleck, George Clooney, or Robert Pattinson had similar experiences with the former president? How many Bruce Waynes exist in Trump's multiverse? Who knows?

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